Trustees Gardeners' Gazette for June

Sarah Hutt

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A Message from Vidya Tikku, Director

It's election season in Boston and I want to brainstorm with you! Is there a question regarding community gardens that you would like to ask of all the Mayoral candidates? No question is too small or big. We will compile all the questions and pick ones that resonate the most with all of you and bring them to the candidates. Please email your questions to me at vtikku@... by June 20th.

I also want to catch up with all of you on the laws we need to pay attention to in the weeks and months ahead. Federal law strictly prohibits electioneering by 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. This means The Trustees, and Trustees employees and volunteers, may not directly or indirectly engage in or sponsor any activity that supports or opposes any candidate for public office, regardless of political party affiliation. The IRS calls this, “campaign intervention.” This prohibition is clear and covers all levels of government and includes incumbents and those running unopposed.  

Understanding this prohibition during an election year is particularly important since you and I may become involved in political campaign activity, we need to actively distinguish between what is permitted and prohibited while at work or in the gardens. Non-partisan activities like voter drives are fine, but statements or events in support of particular candidates are not allowed. For a full list of activities that are permissible, and not, click here

Upcoming Events

Kids in the Garden: Cooking with Flowers 
Virtual or City Natives | June 16

Juneteenth at Nightingale  
Dorchester | June 19

Father's Day Picnic Concert
Hutchinson's Field, Milton | June 20

Cooking Seasonal: Spanakopita with Wild Greens 
Virtual | June 23

South End Summer Stroll
South End | June 26

Summer Spirits Garden Mixology
Virtual | June 24

Keep Growing: Summer Garden Maintenance
Virtual or Lenox & Kendall Community Garden, Roxbury | July 8
Pride in the Gardens
We are honored to fly the progressive rainbow flag at many of our properties this month. The flags were generously donated by The Hingham Pride Project. The Progress Flag is imbued with the power of activism and joy of love. Our hope is that everyone who sees the flags flying this month will carry the colors with them every day. Red for life. Orange for healing. Yellow for the sun. Green for nature. Blue for serenity. Purple for the spirit. Black for Diversity. Brown for Inclusivity. And colors from the transgender flag: baby blue (boys), baby pink (girls) and white for those who are transitioning, intersex, or those who consider themselves as having a neutral or unidentified gender. We will continue our commitment to ensuring our special places remain safe havens for all.

Intoducing Charissa Zapata
Boston Waterfront Initiative Engagement Manager 

Hello! I'll be overseeing our program and event offerings in East Boston for our Piers Park III project development. Growing up in the city and suburbs of Boston, while also spending summers growing food on my grandparents' farm in the mountains of Puerto Rico, I cultivated a diverse perspective on life, the environment, and the places people call home. The combination of working in retail, non-profit, and regenerative agricultural management, has given me a wide scope perspective and ability to weave together the threads for building viable systems. 
I'm excited to bring educational and culturally relevant programming to the East Boston community. The goal is to create a space where these events can bring a sense of joy, community, and awareness of the climate challenges we face ahead, and how we can come together to build a more resilient Boston for all those who call it home.

Garden Tips: It's Not Too Late!
Michelle de Lima, Engagement Manager

If you're a bit behind on this year's planting, or have spaces left to fill in the garden, there are some delicious crops you can still plant. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Cucumbers: you can transplant or direct seed them. Look for powdery mildew resistant varieties. Katrina is a BCG staff pick: crunchy, sweet, early & productive
  • Winter squash: also can be transplanted or direct seeded and should be powdery mildew resistant. Delicata is great for smaller spaces; Butterscotch butternut is a delicious option.
  • Basil: transplant to have pesto sooner, but direct seeding will work. Genovese is the tastiest we've tried
  • Sweet potatoes: if you can still find slips, now is a great time to get these warm-weather crops going
  • Mustard or mesclun mix: varieties adapted to summer weather can be sown all season long for delicious salads
  • Beans: pole & bush green beans love starting in the heat. Try Provider or Kentucky Wonder.

South End Summer Stroll
Peter Bowne, Engagement Manager

The South End Summer Stroll may be coming to a garden near you on Saturday, June 26th!
The uncertainty around Covid 19 earlier this year did not allow us to plan our annual South End Garden Tour, which opens up several beautiful hidden private gardens to fundraise for our gardens. Instead we’ve rolled out a a new experience -- the South End Summer Stroll!
The South End Summer Stroll is a guided tour of six of our South End properties. On the half hour, groups of not more than ten guests will start out on a walking tour led by a BCG staffer. Small groups and staggered start times have been designed to keep everyone safe and comfortable. At each garden stop, guests will hear from a garden member about their garden and enjoy tasty bites and beverages from a neighborhood restaurant. We are happy to be able to support and promote neighborhood businesses while showing off our wonderful gardens. Tickets for the Summer Stroll are still available here.

We are very much looking forward to the return of our self-guided South End and Jamaica Plain Garden Tours in 2022!

Stewardship Update
Alex Carbone, Stewardship Manager

Renovations have begun at the Norton & Stonehurst garden in Dorchester. Garden coordinators working with the Bowdoin Street Health Center secured grant funding earlier in the year and decided to put it towards sprucing up this neighborhood hub. Renovations will include repaving the walkways, installing new plot dividers, repositioning the tool shed, installing solar powered lighting, and other improvements. See below for photos of the garden before and during renovations.


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