Time to renew your garden plot

Sarah Hutt

Hello Gardeners !!!

The real sign of spring!!! Garden Renewal !!!

Your 2020 Berkeley Garden plot Invoice was mailed yesterday, Saturday February 1, 2020
We mailed 153 packets which contain a cover letter outlining garden procedures, your invoice, garden rules, the summer schedule.
 - thanks to John and James for printing all that information, Lixian for translating everything, and John, James, Arlene, Elizabeth, Suzanne, and Hang for coming together to stuff envelopes for our mailing.

We all share in the workings of the garden so we rely on you to let us know: 
  • If you do not receive your Renewal packet by Wednesday February 5th please respond to this email and one will be emailed to you. Please note March 7th is the last day to pay.  All plots that have not been renewed will be part of the Lottery on March 28.  
  •  If you completed your 12 hours of community garden time over 2019 but find you are being charged an extra $150 for not completing your 12 hours of community garden time PLEASE respond to this email and let us know so it can be corrected.  Our system to collect hours relies on you to inform us of your independent work time, sometimes hours just don’t get recorded to cleanups@... 
  • And as a garden member we all leave eventually so PLEASE,  If you are giving up your garden please let us know – and please return your keys   - respond to this email to make arrangements.
Please add to your calendar Open Day - April 4th Berkeley Annual Garden Spring Cleanup + Potluck 

Let us know if you have
New Ideas?
Something you would like to see happen in the garden?
Check the web site if you have any questions www.berkeleygardens.org 

Berkeley Community Garden is a community of garden plots. As members we are not only interested in gardening, but committed to building a lasting garden community. 
See you in the garden!!!!

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