Taking from the garden

Lalit Lodha

Hi Sarah,

I was in my garden today and saw a stranger, a man, reach over the fence of one of the gardens across from me — one of my neighbors -- and eat their raspberries. This was brazen because I was watching him do it until I told him that they are not his and that they are being grown by someone that is spending time, money and effort to do this. He walked away mumbling that they were just going to fall off the plant (her garden did not have any fallen raspberries).

If he had asked me for some kale or parsley in my open garden, while I was fertilizing, I would have very happily give it to him, but do not take without asking first.

We live in a city where people feel entitled to take what is not theirs and justify it. For this reason, I recommend that we keep our doors closed while there are few or no people in the garden area. This is typically in the middle of the day.