REMINDER: Cleanup and Potluck - Saturday October 26 10AM

Sarah Hutt

Hi all
Annual Garden Cleanup and Potluck 
SATURDAY October 16
Coffee arrives and Work starts at 10AM
       Cookout starts at NOON - Bring a dish to pass
Hot dogs and veggie burgers are provided.

One week left till the official end of the season.

Everyone needs to clean up their garden for the winter - anyone that does not clean up their garden will not be invited back next year.
 - Clean out all remaining produce -
Leaving fruits and vegetables in your garden attracts rabbits and rats.  If we feed them in the winter they will be there in the spring.
 - Remove hoses - before they freeze - water in the hose will cause them to split.

The giant dumpster will arrive Friday morning - if you start cleaning on Friday just compact your trash so we can get as much as possible in the dumpster.

During the potluck we are expecting visits from our City Councilor Ed Flynn, and At-Large Councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi-George and State Representative Aaron Michlewitz.

Those who plan to continue growing using ColdFrames or have cold weather plants that will continue to produce until a hard frost this is fine - just remove the summer plant greens and produce.

If you are not returning next year PLEASE return your keys……….

Any questions?  

Let's all hope for good weather!!!

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