Rat, Rabbits, and whatever else you see in the garden

Sarah Hutt

Hey folks

We are going to need to pull together ---As most of you are aware construction season in the neighborhood has started and the ground in the South End gently rumbles throughout the day.

The rats that live in the city sewers are being jostled out, construction is destroying their dens so they are relocating  -- looking for new places to set up nests.  The sewer drains that are located along the A Row alley side of the garden bring rats directly into the  garden looking for places to live.  

The only way we could stop it would be to seal the drains and we all know that isn’t going to happen.

Ted B104 has taken on the task, working with a certified exterminator  to bait the garden and monitor the rat population. You have probably seen the traps in the common areas and, if you are gardening in the A Row.   If you’d like to help him respond to this email.

Over the past few weeks more sightings have been called in along the C Row - if you are having problems please respond to this email so action can be taken.

To keep the rats population manageable - we know we aren’t going to ever get rid of them all - but we can lower the infestation if we all pitch in and make a few changes…..

1.  If you are in the A Row and have a trap keep it horizontal and accessible.

2.  Clean out your garden of anything that you are not using for gardening.  Do not use your garden for storage
3.  Remove all wood and anything that is not being used 
4.  Get buckets and bags off the ground by at least 12 “ so the rats can’t nest undisturbed under them and we can put a trap underneath.

5.  If you have a bird feeder please keep any extra seed in a sealed container and don’t let the seed gather on the ground.

6.  If you are composting the same thing goes - make sure it isn’t attracting rats.

If we all work together we can manage this - help your neighbor - 
Please let me know if you have any questions - 


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