plant sale in garden on Saturday

Sarah Hutt

Hi all

Just wanted to make sure you were aware that the garden will be loaded with people from 10 - 2 for the Trustees Plant Sale.

On Friday plants, supplies, and some hay bales will be delivered to the garden sometime during 9am - 5pm.  Everything will be wrapped with caution tape. So if you see anyone messing around take their picture and call 911.  

We will be keeping the garden gates locked on Friday once the plants are delivered.  Please bring your key and please lock the gates behind out.

Most of the display and the checkout will be outside the gate on Tremont Street. There will be a plant sale banner mounted on the Tremont fence, with four chalkboards for additional direction for customers.The goal is to keep the gate and pathways unobstructed for use by all. But most likely they will go into the garden to set up in open areas.  

Setup on Saturday will begin at 7 AM.  Sale is 10AM-2PM, with breakdown for an hour or so following. 

Plants & seedlings:
·         native perennials like nodding onion, great angelica, trout lily, and ostrich fern
·         woody natives like moosewood, maleberry, and bayberry and 80 more native species
·         classic heirloom and hybrid tomatoes, eggplant, sweet & hot peppers, greens, cucumbers & more
·         compact and disease resistant vegetables well suited for urban gardens
·         medicinal herbs like ashwaganda, horehound and lemon balm
·         full perennial list:
·         full annual list:
Gardening Supplies:
·         cover crop seed: red clover, field pea, tillage radish, winter rye
·         organic fertilizers, amendments & pest solutions: Cheep Cheep, fish emulsion, Pro-Gro, kaolin clay, Azomite - in garden-sized amounts
·         season extension/pest prevention materials: hoops & row cover
·         organic compost-based potting soil in full and half bags

If you would like to help with the sale or have any questions, let me know.