Plant Donation #2

Sarah Hutt

Hello all
We have received another donation of plants for the garden.  This time they are about 50 shade plants that will go on the Shawmut Ave   These  plants are all suited to dry shade. These are all spring bloomers and rebloom in the Fall. They are a little ragged and need to be planted and then watered weekly. 

I am looking for help to clear out the space of weeds tonight or tomorrow and then plant them maybe tomorrow  - in the area along Shawmut Ave under the tree.  If you need a shovel we have a few in the shed.

5 Pulmonaria (Lungwort)  (has spotted leaf) fantastic plant for shade

20 Galium odoratum ( Woodruff) ( they look a bit yellow, they just need to be planted in the ground)

8 Tiarellam (Foamflower ground cover)  (has dark green leaf pink flowers)

10 Lamiastrum (ground cover)   (dark green leaf with silver variegation and yellow flower) 

5 Dicentra (Bleeding Heart)  (with golden leaf, they look terrible but they should be fine by the Fall)

If your interested in helping just let me know
Thanks all