Notice about garden faucets

Sarah Hutt

Dear Gardeners

Last night the water faucet near B141 was left on, so this morning when the water came on at 6AM it ran unattended. Pictures below of before and after.

Thanks to the sharp eyes of Ian and Sean they were able to limit the damage to the path and turn off the water.  They also filled in the divot that was created by the water pressure.

REMEMBER If you are watering at the end of the day the water is timed to go off at 9PM. It comes back on at 6AM.  

If the water turns off while you are watering Please double check you have turned off the water.  We pay for the water out of our dues so we don’t want to waste it.

NOTE The faucet near B107 has started dripping.  This spring when the faucets were was vandalized some small stones to get into the plumbing and have worked their way up into the faucet. 

It will be capped closed until further notice.  Once we can find a plumber, high pressure air will be used to clear out the pipe.  If you know of a plumber whose schedule would let them take on a small job, please let John or I know.