Hope to see everyone this weekend

Sarah Hutt

Just a reminder 

This weekend

October 28 Annual Fall Garden Clean Up and Potluck Lunch. 

During our final clean up we will have a dumpster - this is your opportunity to clear out your garden of wood, plastic, and other things you have accumulated over the summer.  We will be asking everyone to clean out their gardens.   Due to the influx of rats this summer we will set traps and bait gardens for the winter to try and keep the rats under control.

The dumpster will be on site all day Friday 27th , Saturday 28th, and Sunday 29th but it does fill up. 

If you have decided not to return to the garden in 2018 this is a great time to get your garden cleaned out, pick up your tools, and get it ready for a new crop of owner

Need some work hours?? We Need Your Help to make Saturday October 28th a success.

  • Clean up team that day (help gardeners who need assistance cleaning out their garden, cleaning common areas)
  • Maintenance repair team (simple repair tasks)
  • Common area plant team (includes planting fall bulbs, preparing areas for winter), 
  • Team to oversee potluck  (Ordering and Picking up the pizzas,.checking on paper goods, setting up the tables, and cleaning area after lunch)

There are still a lot of independent work tasks around general maintenance - so if interested we will work with your schedule

  • Rotating the shed to bring winter things to the front, 
  • Common area plant team (includes preparing plant areas for winter, planting fall bulbs, removing dead bushes, bush trimming, transplanting),

Rather work from home on an administrative job - 

  • Join Committee to prepare 2018 garden renewal packets.

Over the winter - once the snow starts

  • Work with Ted to do Light Snow Removal  over the winter - we have people shoveling but we need help to make sure the Shawmut end is clear early for kids going to school and Tremont ends for commuters and the bus stop. 

 Thank you

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