Happy Monday -

Sarah Hutt

To all

Monday night clean up and social hour is CANCELED for tonight

due to rain forecast it was decided to call off clean up now 

We apologize for any inconvenience and if you really want to go out and do some hours there are always tasks that need to be done
Be sure to post your hours at cleanups@...
include your name, plot number, amount of time you worked, and description of what you did - send pictures if you have them
  • pick up trash - this is a never ending job due to the construction of our fences - until that changes trash will accumulate inside the garden -
  • Tremont End — common area patio - reset chairs and clean around area
  • If you are handy with tools garden B126 needs help fixing their gate if you are interested respond to info@...
  • Interested in a special project send inquires to info@...
thanks all
happy gardening

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