Garden update

Sarah Hutt

Hi all, Happy Thanksgiving
End of season wrap up — get out there and enjoy this great weather!!! 
There is still time to plant spring bulbs till about December 15 - unless it snows.
If you have any garden questions check out the garden web site

Help us out — Giving up your garden?   If you are not returning for the 2018 season please let us know so we can make arrangements to get your keys. 

Garden Gates - Thank you to all for keeping the gates locked now that the season is over.  
   Please note the East Berkeley garden gate has become misaligned and need repair - it will remain padlocked until it is fixed.

Help needed for snow removal - sign up now and get credit - -  light shoveling is needed in area around garden gates.  Anyone that signs up to help with snow removal will get the time they help doubled. 

Garden Hours  If you have been doing individual work hours on other garden projects remember to send in your hours to cleanups@....

Please clean out the old rotten fruit in your garden - they are attracting rats  We have been doing a lot of work to address everyones complaints by baiting and setting traps and have made a dent in the problem but if you leave food out it defeats our efforts.  You support would be greatly appreciated. 

Finally a reminder:  Master Urban Gardener Applications due November 30
Now in its 22nd year, this program has long been a forum where both novice and experienced gardeners come to build their skills, sharing innovative practices for growing anywhere from the front porch to the garden plot.  Make your garden grow >>

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