end of Year Cleanup October 26, 02

Sarah Hutt <sarahhutt@...>

To all,
Below is the application submitted for City Year Serve-a-thon assistance to
help us with the final garden clean up. Please mote on your calendars and
pass the word, we will need everyone's help to close up the garden for the
winter. If you can help lead a group of volunteers please let me know.


Serve-a-thon 2002 - Service Project Application Results
Below is what you submitted to serveathonboston@cityyear.org on Sunday,
August 11, 2002 at 12:28:38


Organization: Berkeley Community Garden

Address: South End between E. Berkeley St, Shawmut Ave, Tremont St

City: Boston

State: MA

Zip: 02118

Name: Sarah Hutt

Title: Garden Coordinator

Phone: 617-482-4722

Email: sarahhutt@mindspring.com

OrganizationDescription: 142 plot community garden consisting of a diverse
ethnic mix, primarily Asian. Strong member involvement and good leadership
coordination. In the midst of construction rehab to make garden handicapped
accessible includes public art component.

worked with: Serve-a-thon

criteria: Easy walk from a T station, Handicap accessibility, Sufficient
bathrooms, Gathering space for group program, Staff, Community Members, Food

P1Title: Prepare Garden for winter

P1Description: General clean up of common areas, cleaning out fallow gardens
and prepare soil for spring, secure compost area, common area plantings of
spring flowers, some maintenance of fencing to secure area during winter.

P1VolunteerCount: 10

P1ToolsMaterials: all supplies and tools provided. Interpreters also will be

P2Title: Prepare Indiviual Gardens for winter

P2Description: Assist elder gardeners and those with limited mobility to
close up their gardens. This includes pulling down vines and bagging them,
repairing fences and overhanging constructions ­ just general clean
up.repair or build gates for individuals gardens.

P2VolunteerCount: 10

P2ToolsMaterials: all tools and supplies provided. Interpreters also will be

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