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Sarah Hutt

Hi all
Here are are few speciality jobs the garden needs help with

Upcoming construction of the A Row fence along the alley  Over the course of the past 7 years plans to construct a new fence along the alley side of the garden have bee underway. 2 years ago a design was proposed and accepted by the City of Boston and Landmark Commission.  The new fence will be about 6’ high with a 2’ cement retaining wall.  The retaining wall will protect gardens from snow plows and salt in the winter.  About 1/2 the required funds has been raised and the Trustees will now step in to move us through to completion.

We need one or two people to monitor the progress with the Trustees and report back to the leadership committee so notice can be given to A Row gardeners.  Ideally construction could start in 2020.  

Communication notifications Needed one or two people who can send out notices once a month on Mailchimp or something like that  of general garden news which will be provided by committee members.  

Some summer tasks
Mowing the lawn in the middle area and mowing the lawn by the grape vine
Cleaning B Row irrigation drains in the water troughs
Water common area by your garden

If you are interested in any of these tasks please let me know - thanks

Next Monday night cleanup and social hour is Monday, August 6th 6 - 7pm

If you are away and need help connecting with your garden neighbor to pick produce or water email info@...


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