COMPOST delivery Friday May 7th ----3rd try is a charm 五月七日星期五的堆肥交付

Sarah Hutt

Sorry I had incorrect Chinese translation for date — 五月七日星期五的堆肥交付
now notice below is correct - thank you Sue for catching it!!!

Compost Delivery NOW on Friday, May 7th


First delivery at about 10AM  ——  4 Truck loads in all deliveries throughout the day


This soil is to be shared with all garden members

This composted soil is only for garden members per our agreement with the City of Boston who provides the soil

We will have 4 truck deliveries vs. the usual one or two.  This will allow people to get compost throughout the day    


We are going to need EVERYONES cooperation to make sure everyone gets soil.

We have calculated that each member can have


Limit 2 wheelbarrows-----------限制2架手推 

Or 10 white buckets or 10 rice bags-------------10个白色桶10个米袋-

Due to the necessity to maintain social distancing we ask everyone continue to wear their masks.  

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