[berkeleygardens] Problem with C Row water

Elizabeth ANDERSON

No water is coming from the B row either tonight. At least up at the Tremont end. 

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To all

There is another water break on the C Row so the water to only Row C  has been turned off.  Do we have a plumber in our membership ??

The water on the main path is still on  - A + B rows - so you can get water from there 

Due to the holidays (our resident garden plumber is out of town for the weekend)  the water will be off until at least Wednesday.

Sorry for the inconvenience but VERY thankful a gardener was very observant and called it in.
   - she heard a loud gurgling sound when she passed the irrigation station by garden C134 

Her quick action caught the leak before we lost too much water.

Remember we pay for the water we use so its very important to catch leaks of any kind.

Happy Fourth of July to all