Berkeley Garden background info for SE Garden Tour

Sarah Hutt

To all,

Preparations are being made for Saturdays South End Garden Tour.  If you are thinking of participating by being in your garden for a couple of hours let me know - we are in the process of putting together a brief description of some of the gardens and a walking map - we’d like to include you.

For those volunteering we put together the following history about the garden  -   I thought I’d share this info with all of you.

Most people coming through the garden ask how the garden was formed, how we are organized, and what we plant.  Attached is some information and links to the web site that John has maintained that can offer more.

Brief history of the garden by Julie Stone one of the early organizers who some of our long time gardeners worked with to establish Berkeley Community Garden-more info on the web site <>

Garden Rules that everyone receives in the spring -  but if you can’t find yours or have some questions they are on the web site:  <>

Wondering about the new trees? or The posts with red tops: <>

New Members intro to the garden

If anyone has any comments about this information please let us know.
Hope this information is useful
Garden Leadership