Berkeley Community Garden updates - the water is on

Sarah Hutt

Hello Gardeners
Thanks everyone for coming out on last Saturday for our annual Garden Cleanup  - we had participation from over 80 gardeners —  the garden looked great for a couple of days.  

Welcome to our new Lottery garden plot winners - we hope you are settling in please reach out to fellow gardeners if you have any questions

The water is now on -your Berkeley Garden dues pay for water so always use water conservation - always report any problems with turning water off or if you see pools of water in the ground that may indicate a break in the plumbing.  Our water is on a timer is set for 6AM and shuts off at 8PM  — if you come into the garden and find the water turned on with no one around please turn it off and report it to info@... neighborhood pranksters sometimes target the garden.

Please report any rat or rabbit sightings - we want to get rid of them before they start nesting in the garden.

--Next Garden Monday night Cleanup and Social Hour is April 23 from 6 - 7PM stop by if you have any questions.  We’ll be cleaning up the garden in preparation for Trustee event on the 25th see below.

---May 5 is a Mothers Day (May 13th) city wide cleanup….the  City Love Your Block initiative - it will be a great opportunity to cleanup the garden before for those Mother’s Day strolls through the garden - If you are able to help we would like to get a team together to pick up supplies from the city,  buy trays of flowers to plant in the common areas, trim some bushes, and get out any trash missed during our April 7 cleanup—  you will be credited 5 hours of community time please email sarah@...

We need help -----------   please email sarah@...
—Help is needed to enforce garden rules concerning height of gardens and cleaning out gardens.  This will including periodic meetings in the garden to identify problem gardens and working with those gardeners to clean up their spaces.

——Got a good idea for the garden - email  info@...   lets make it happen.

Looking for Plants for your garden???????
The Annual Trustee Garden Plan Sale Event will be held on Saturday, May 19 | 10AM-2PM the Trustees will hold their annual Berkeley Community Garden South End Plant Sale on the Tremont end of the garden.

If you can’t wait
While the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating you can still plant seeds for the cold weather crops - carrots, beets, radishes, peas, beans, lettuce, chard, greens 
The Ace Hardware store on Tremont has Burpee seeds and Mings Chinese Market on Washington Street has a large selection of seeds all available now

If you want plants they will soon show up in the neighborhood Farmers Market but there is also a plant store within walking distance - just around the corner on Albany Street - between E. Dedham and E. Canton Street
Boston Flower Market - 591 Albany Street - opens at 9:30 AM - they have racks of plants on the street running the length of the block - flowers, herbs, vegetables, berries, shrubs…..everything.

Also please be aware that on Wednesday, April 25, 6-7:30 the Trustees will be holding an event in the Berkeley Garden. Small Space & Container Gardening (Getting Started)  Learn to grow more with the space you have! From window boxes to milk crates to raised beds, there are lots of ways to get creative about growing in the city. We'll cover crop varieties and techniques for saving space in both beds and containers, and go over the particulars of setting up and maintaining a low-cost container garden.
All Gardeners are welcome to join the event but if not interested please feel free to come to the garden and work in your plot.
Remember to send in your community hours if you do any independent work in the garden <cleanups@...> include your plot number, name, amount of time, and description of what you did.

Happy Marathon Day!!
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