aturday October 26 Annual Garden Cleanup and Potluck Lunch

Sarah Hutt

Saturday October 26 is our Annual Garden Cleanup 10 - 2  with Potluck Lunch at Noon
Bring your garden gloves, garbage bags, garden tools, and lots of energy and a dish to pass for the Potluck.
dumpster available Friday thru Monday morning -it leaves at 7am
  Coffee and donuts served  courtesy Dunkin Donuts starting at 10AM
Special projects will be listed in the garden on Saturday -  
Help out and volunteer for a job below.  
Potluck groceries 
        1 or  2 people for Grocery Shopping (2 - 4 hours work credit)  – contact me so I can give you the shopping list and non-profit paperwork to purchase food and supplies. Keep receipts for reimbursement.

Saturday Day of the cleanup
Dunkin Donuts pick up by 9:30 AM 
1 or 2 people to go over to Dunkin Donuts with one of our wagons to get 3 boxes of coffee and 100 munchkins

         + Help coordinating the potluck: asking folks to bring something to share, and posting signs in the garden(4 hours of work credit)
         +setting up the grill and /or cleaning it for cook out.  Then making sure its all clean and put back into storage for the fall  -

 If you would like to HELP WITH Maintenance ON SATURDAY
         +If you have BATTERY POWERED tools consider bringing them to help with maintenance (no electrical outlets in the garden)  WORK CREWS will be doing general maintenance and fence mending jobs.  

  Everyone is expected to use the dumpster to get their garden cleaned out - we will have the dumpster from Friday morning to Monday at 7AM so this is your opportunity to remove, plastic that has been covering fences, collected unused objects, and debris from your garden. The gardens are not for storage, only garden related equipment may be left in the garden see rules for more details.   

IF you have decided not to return to the garden next year PLEASE return your gate key.  IF we gave you a padlock PLEASE return the keys and leave the padlock.  

AFTER clean up the garden is closed for the season - gates should remain locked at all times.  Due to snow and rain we discourage the public from walking through the garden.

For more information check out the Berkeley Garden web site:      Thanks John for all the work you did on this.

Garden Leadership