Garden update

Sarah Hutt

To all Garden Members

Today is the full moon which brings signs that the season is coming to an end with changes in the light - creating longer shadows and shorter days.

This is also the time of year when squash and bean vines make dramatic growth spirts and create the green canopy that covers many garden plots.  
Over the past week we have been bombarded with over 20 complaints from both garden members and neighbors. 

Our alley condo neighbors complaints
  • Trash bags and other trash items left by the Shawmut gates
  • Weeds growing outside main fences along the sidewalks and in common spaces - especially along the alley fence
  • A Row vines growing into the alley scratching cars when they drive by
  • Terrible offensive fertilizer smells coming from A Row plots --------- and fellow gardeners are having problems working in their gardens because of the strong offensive smells.  IF you don’t stop you will not be invited back to the garden next year.
  • Neighbors who participated in Lottery and have been waiting all summer in the hopes of a plot are driving us nuts asking why they can’t have the unkept gardens 
Many of the complaints above can be taken care of and credited to your required community time - send your hours to <cleanups@...

The following are fellow garden members complaints 
  • Untended plots of invasive unkept weeds blocking light or spreading into their gardens
  • Blocking your neighbors sun with garden furniture, garden structures, and overgrown plants - there is a 6’ height limit
  • Leaving overripe produce to rot which attracts rats and other vermin, 
  • Garbage possibly for compost left out to rot - smelly and attracts rats and other vermin
  • Vines growing through the fences into neighboring plots - when vines stray into other plots they can be cut and produce eaten - please keep your vines within your own plot
  • Expanding plots into common space and building enclosures - this is not permitted.

The Leadership committee with walk through this week to identify plot infractions —  If you would like to participate in one of these inspections please reply to this email.

If you are identified as being one of the problem plots you will be given a warning and asked to remedy the problem.  If you do not comply you will be asked to leave and not be invited back next year.

Please share this information with your fellow garden member friends - its not clear everyone reads these email notices

Berkeley Community Gardens
QUESTIONS:  info@...
Log Your Community Time:  cleanups@...  include: name, plot number, number of hours, description of task, and picture if you have it.
Post your pictures:  FACEBOOK/Berkeley Gardens