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Next year the garden tour will be in the South End and include Berkeley - The South End Garden Tour is the 3rd weekend in June.  Start thinking now about how best to highlight your garden and the common areas that surround it.  There is always a large flow of people.  If you have any ideas of things you would like to do in the garden during the tour please let me know.

The next garden workshop topic is 
DIY Cold Frames
Sunday, September 8 | 10AM-12PM 
This workshop is for those that want to extend the gardening season well into the winter.   Come learn how to build and plant cold frames and low tunnels to protect cold weather plants for the snow.

Trustees Boston Gardeners’ Gazette

A Message from Vidya Tikku, General Manager
The success of any local environmental effort depends to a large degree on the ability of the community and the local organizations to come together around a common cause and desired impact. This summer has offered us the opportunity to engage in two such exciting efforts- a climate justice event in Dorchester and a youth program in East Boston. 

Rev. Mariama White-Hammond and Chief of Environment, Energy & Open Space Chris Cook came together with the Dorchester community and a number of local environmental advocacy organizations to host the Dorchester Green Future Fest at the Nightingale community garden in late July. We focused on issues of local food, sustainability, open space, diversity, renewable energy and health. Our partners included the Dorchester Food Coop, The Food Project, Boston Cyclists Union, Boston Climate Action, Boston Student Advisory Council, Codman Square NDC, City Compost, and Resonant Energy. I, along with our partners and the nearly a hundred people who joined us, left inspired both by Rev. Mariama's words and the amazing work going on in this community to raise the bar on sustainable living in Boston. 

At the same time, we have been working with partners in East Boston- Friends of East Boston Greenway, DCR and the Boston Parks Dept. to prepare the next generation of environmental stewards- the Waterfront Ambassadors. These youth, a part of Boston's summer employment program, are learning what it takes to have a truly sustainable and engaging waterfront. Come August, Groundwork Somerville’s Green Team will join us to share their interactive, youth-led climate justice workshop at the East Boston Branch of the BPL, and then outside in the Bremen Street Garden. Youth will tackle climate-related issues in breakout groups and finish with a share-out as a large group, coming away more informed and empowered to advocate for climate justice in their communities. An exciting opportunity for youth to learn from each other, with like-minded organizations partnering to facilitate this exchange!

Stewardship Updates
– Jordan Takvorian, Steward

Blistering heat punctuated with a few days of torrential rains has had the stewardship team out and about trying to keep up with regular routine maintenance this July including mowing lawns, string-trimming, weeding, and pruning. We also hosted a very productive group from TD Bank. Seven volunteers helped move four yards of stonedust thus completing pathway resurfacing at the Virginia Monadnock Community Garden in Upham's Corner. The group completed other tasks such as turning compost, fenceline clearing, weeding, and filling a low spot in the garden with one yard of loam. 

Looking ahead we're gearing up for the annual fall plant sale being held at City Natives on September 7th and there's never been a better time to visit the nursery. If you're looking for showy fall blooming plants that will please any pollinator consider anise-scented Sweet Goldenrod, the towering spotted Joe Pye Weed, or White Wood Aster which will lighten up any shade garden.We have Oak Leaf Hydrangea whose bold, textured foliage and massive flowers remain ever popular as well as Summersweet, a shrub whose sweet spikes of white flowers saturate the air throughout August. And if you simply want no-fuss, non-stop yellow flowers June through August next summer look no further than Ratibida or Lanceleaf Coreopsis. See you at the nursery and in the gardens!

Boston Agriculture Fair returns on Saturday, October 12th
– Peter Bowne, Engagement Manager for South End & Lower Roxbury

Gardeners, canners, beekeepers! Lend us your ears... of corn, your jars of pickles, your baked fruit pies! The judging table at the Urban Agriculture Fair is your chance to compete against the best of Boston’s agricultural creations. Bring your prized home-made or garden-grown foods to the fair, enter them in one of several categories, and cross your fingers. A panel of judges will then award ribbons and prizes to Boston’s best. For young and old, there will also be games, activities, workshops, music, and more. Come enjoy the best of a county fair in the heart of our city! 11AM-3PM, Roxbury Heritage State Park 
For more information, including entry rules, please email me at pbowne@...
Yes, we are scouting for the 2020 South End Garden Tour. 
If you have, or know of a back yard, front yard, or roof deck garden we should be looking at let me know! Thanks.


Become a Master Urban Gardener!
– Michelle de Lima, Engagement Manager

For more than two decades, the Master Urban Gardener (MUG) training has given urban gardeners the change to come together and learn how to grow a healthier, more abundant garden. We cover everything from soil building to pest control to organizing a community garden, and beginners and veteran gardeners alike report learning a ton. In the words of one MUG grad: 

“I've been gardening in the city for a long time, first on a fire escape, then a rooftop, then in a community garden for the past ten years. The MUG course has taught me new things every single week, from better composting and succession planting to forest gardening, permaculture, and foraging for edible plants. Great speakers and presentations, thoughtful, engaged staff. It was also great to exchange stories, ideas, and tips every week with so many other city gardeners.” 

Interested? Learn more and apply by August 15 at 

Garden Tips: Preserving the Harvest

My favorite way to keep veggies is lacto-fermentation. From cabbage to carrots to tomatillos, so many crops can last for months with just a simple salt brine and fermentation time. Great recipes abound—check out Wild Fermentation and Cultures for Health to get started, or come to one of our workshops.

Preserving herbs is super simple—drier ones like thyme and rosemary can simply be air dried on your counter. Many freeze beautifully in pestos—basil, parsley, even cilantro. Herb oils and vinegars are easy to make and long-lasting—tailor the ingredients and ratios to your taste!

If you have an excess of tomatoes and aren’t up for the rigamarole of canning, slow roasting and freezing is a great way to store them. I like to include garlic, thyme, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar and cook into they’re soft and thickened.


Upcoming Events

Fun with Fermentation
Saturday, August 10 | 1-2:30PM 
Symphony Community Garden | 56 Symphony Road, Fenway 
Join us for a hands-on workshop on how to turn almost any garden produce into a delicious, nutritious pickle! 

Preserve Culinary Herbs
Saturday, August 10 | 10-11:30AM 
Rutland Washington Community Garden | 1561 Washington Street, South End 
Learn the best techniques to keep the flavor and nutrition of garden herbs going all year long. 

Homegrown Comedy
Thursday, August 15 | 7:30-9:30PM 
Nightingale Community Garden | 512 Park Street, Dorchester 
A unique opportunity to see a comedy show, with some of Boston's freshest talent, in a community garden. 

Keep it Growing!
Thursday, September 5 | 6-7PM 
Windermere Community Garden | 9A Windermere Road, Dorchester 
You may think gardening season is winding down, but if you employ some simple techniques to extend the season, the best is yet to come! 

City Natives Fall Plant Sale
Saturday, September 7 | 10AM-2PM 
City Natives | 30 Edgewater Drive, Mattapan 
Come to our nursery for Boston-grown native plants, trees, shrubs, along with cold-hardy greens and great advice! 

DIY Cold Frames
Sunday, September 8 | 10AM-12PM 
Berkeley Community Garden | 500 Tremont Street, South End 
Want your gardening season to last well into the winter? Come learn how to build and plant cold frames and low tunnels. 

Seed Saving for Gardeners
Wednesday, September 11 | 6-7:30PM 
Woolson Community Garden | 44 Woolson Street, Mattapan 
Saving seeds from your favorite garden veggies, herbs, and flowers is a great way to save money and see the whole life cycle of your plants. 

Garden Mixology
Thursday, September 12 | 6-8PM 
Symphony Community Garden | 56 Symphony Road, Boston 
Join us and a local distiller in a beautiful community garden for a hands-on cocktail class using seasonal ingredients. 

Urban Orchard Series: Harvest & Orchard Ecosystem
Saturday, September 14 | 10AM-12:30PM 
Southwest Corridor Community Farm | 57 Lamartine Street, Jamaica Plain 
In this hands-on class, come learn about harvesting tools and techniques and creating a healthy orchard ecosystem with companion plants. 

Many Thanks to all who supported the Jamaica Plain Garden Tour! The generous garden owners, sponsors, and volunteers make this event possible!

Progress Report
Gardens: please send your volunteers hours so we can give you credit for your hard work!


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