Berkeley Garden update and last chance cleanup

Sarah Hutt

To all

Thank you to everyone that made it out this weekend to clean out their plot and help pick up trash in the garden.  It was great to see so many people working in the garden.  

Your contributions over the summer made it a great season.  Thank you to everyone that pitched in to maintain our garden community by either working on a team or independently to perform general care and kindness throughout the season.   It was great to see people come out for Monday night cleanups and social hour and those that worked on their own to pick up trash;  great to see everyone that came out in the spring to help get renewal notices out and staffing our annual renewal at Project Place; our translators for their hard work translating all our documents and notices; recording work hours at cleanups; the compost team that manages the multiple soil deliveries; everyones help with our spring and fall cleanups by ordering and delivering coffee and donuts, help setting up, and all the tasty foods for our potluck; ordering daffodil bulbs; sign making; making sure the gates are locked every single night and opening in the morning;  meeting the dumpster and getting dumpster permits, taking care of the plumbing, monitoring and giving out keys and garden padlocks; recording community hours; updating the member rules; our treasurer; Leadership Committee who help keep the garden moving forward, the snow removal team; working with the professional pest exterminator and baiting rat traps; attending Trustee meetings and participating on the alley fence committee; watering, weeding, and planting in the common areas and C Row, and……...

If you think you didn't get credit for work you did this summer please sent to Susan to record at  cleanups@...  include: name, plot number, number of hours, description of task, and picture if you have it.

Remember there are daffodil bulbs available if you are interested in planting them in your garden or in the common areas.

If you still have cleaning to do there is another cleanup the City sponsors this weekend November 10 called Love Your Block.  We need someone to act as the garden contact so arragments can be made tor trash pickup.  They usually come around noon, everything needs to be set out on the sidewalk for pickup, so a designated area needs to be agreed on.

If you are giving up your garden membership we will miss you - thank you for being part of the garden, for some of you its been many wonderful years — please make arrangements to return your keys for the gates and if you have a garden padlock please return your keys so we can reuse your garden padlock.  

Thank you 
Leadership Committee

Berkeley Community Gardens
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Log Your Community Time:  cleanups@...  include: name, plot number, number of hours, description of task, and picture if you have it.
Post your pictures:  FACEBOOK/Berkeley Gardens