daffodils for the fall

Sarah Hutt

To all
We need at least one person to be the Berkeley Community Garden Contact with the Boston Parks Department for our annual supply of daffodil bulbs.
This requires submitting a request and picking up the bulbs - or coordinating with another gardener to pick them up.  
Our end of season cleanup in October 27th we usually have the delivery by then.
Please let me know if this is a task you would like to take on

Berkeley Community Gardens
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tonights Monday Night Cleanup and Social Hour is canceled due to storm

Sarah Hutt

Hi all 
The weather map indicates rain tonight - we will cancel  tonights Monday Night Cleanup and Social Hour.

Public Service announcement on West Nile Virus and mosquitoes

Sarah Hutt

Dear Gardeners

Berkeley Garden has been selected as one of the area sites to study mosquitoes for West Nile Virus.

A graduate student from Princeton University will begin testing in our garden around September 9.  They will be using CDC light trap, hung from trees with a light that attracts mosquitoes. The traps will be using bait with low levels of carbon dioxide (similar to breath) and a blend of compounds found in human or bird odor. Because this type of mosquito is nocturnal, traps will be set at dusk, they will be left overnight, and then collected in the early morning and the mosquitoes preserve.

In the meantime we can all protect the garden and neighborhood by removing stagnate water which attracts mosquitoes.  If you have buckets of water in your garden cover them.

For more information check out the Boston Public Health page        <>

Thank  you 
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Berkeley Community Gardens

Garden safety

Sarah Hutt

Dear Gardeners

We have had some odd occurrences in the garden that I wanted to share with all fo you.

 If you have had similar experience or if anything else has happened please let me know.

Recently our No Dog signs disappeared from the garden, the garden banners on the Tremont side were ripped down, and yesterday napkins and toilet paper were found hanging on the Tremont side of the garden fence.

Today all 3 garden gates door knobs were covered in a white lotion with a large pile on the ground below the knob.

And today around 6PM someone put a chain and lock on the Tremont gate.  This is the 2nd time a gardener has reported that someone put a chain and lock on the Tremont entrance.  The first time it was on for a couple of hours then disappeared.  This time a gardener just cut it off.  I have no idea why someone would chain the door closed.

We have been keeping the gates closed because gardeners were experiencing plants and produce being stolen.  We also found the water on full blast one morning at 6:30 AM along the B and C Row 2 weeks ago.

If anyone has seen any other odd things please let me know.  

We would like to create a timeline with any incident and then notify our Boston Police representative. 

Just let me know if you have seen anything.
Thanks all,
Sarah and John

Berkeley Community Gardens
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Plant Donation #2

Sarah Hutt

Hello all
We have received another donation of plants for the garden.  This time they are about 50 shade plants that will go on the Shawmut Ave   These  plants are all suited to dry shade. These are all spring bloomers and rebloom in the Fall. They are a little ragged and need to be planted and then watered weekly. 

I am looking for help to clear out the space of weeds tonight or tomorrow and then plant them maybe tomorrow  - in the area along Shawmut Ave under the tree.  If you need a shovel we have a few in the shed.

5 Pulmonaria (Lungwort)  (has spotted leaf) fantastic plant for shade

20 Galium odoratum ( Woodruff) ( they look a bit yellow, they just need to be planted in the ground)

8 Tiarellam (Foamflower ground cover)  (has dark green leaf pink flowers)

10 Lamiastrum (ground cover)   (dark green leaf with silver variegation and yellow flower) 

5 Dicentra (Bleeding Heart)  (with golden leaf, they look terrible but they should be fine by the Fall)

If your interested in helping just let me know
Thanks all


Garden update #3

Sarah Hutt

Hi all
Thank you to everyone that helped plant the 12 Clematis vines donated to the garden along the C Row.  Hopefully we will have a beautifully flowering fence soon.

We have a couple of volunteers to help get the A Row Alley fence project going.  If you are interested in helping watch for updates.

We have found two people to champion using MailChimp to send out garden info.  If you have any questions or concerns you would like us to address please let me know.

We still need someone to mow the two lawns and or take the mower to be sharpened. 

More tasks need someone to manage them
KEYS and PADLOCKS - Berkeley Community Garden provides locks and keys for garden plots.  Over the years we have had situations that required access to plotss and so we started to supply padlocks that are accessible with a pass key.  We of course do not enter gardens unless its absolutely necessary.  

We need one or two people to manage the database that identifies the lock number with the garden plot and to make sure we have an inventory of padlocks and keys in the spring when new gardeners join.  We ask that everyone return their gate keys and padlock keys when they leave the garden but that doesn’t always happen so getting gate keys is also required.  Presently we have a long standing contract with Broadway Lock just over the bridge in South Boston - within walking distance.  We do charge $2 for replacement keys - any money collected is given to our treasurer.
If you are interested please let me know - this will provide you with the years community hours.  Linda, who is leaving the garden this year set this system up and maintained it for about 8 years.

Maintenance in the garden:  There are some maintenance issues around the garden - if you would like to take on a project in your own time or, work on a team on the weekend please let me know.  If you have battery operated tools bring them!  No electricity in the garden.

ITS AUGUST ----   YOU CAN STILL PLANT seeds for a Fall Harvest — here is just one web site with some information - but any seed site should tell you about things that can be planted.

Looking forward to seeing you in the garden,
Sarah C105

Berkeley Community Gardens
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email #2 Community Hours opportunities

Sarah Hutt

Hi all
Here are are few speciality jobs the garden needs help with

Upcoming construction of the A Row fence along the alley  Over the course of the past 7 years plans to construct a new fence along the alley side of the garden have bee underway. 2 years ago a design was proposed and accepted by the City of Boston and Landmark Commission.  The new fence will be about 6’ high with a 2’ cement retaining wall.  The retaining wall will protect gardens from snow plows and salt in the winter.  About 1/2 the required funds has been raised and the Trustees will now step in to move us through to completion.

We need one or two people to monitor the progress with the Trustees and report back to the leadership committee so notice can be given to A Row gardeners.  Ideally construction could start in 2020.  

Communication notifications Needed one or two people who can send out notices once a month on Mailchimp or something like that  of general garden news which will be provided by committee members.  

Some summer tasks
Mowing the lawn in the middle area and mowing the lawn by the grape vine
Cleaning B Row irrigation drains in the water troughs
Water common area by your garden

If you are interested in any of these tasks please let me know - thanks

Next Monday night cleanup and social hour is Monday, August 6th 6 - 7pm

If you are away and need help connecting with your garden neighbor to pick produce or water email info@...


Berkeley Community Gardens
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garden gates

Sarah Hutt

Good morning all 

Closing the GATES - Its that time of year when plots display an abundance of vegetables like tomatoes, beans, peppers, and squash. 

Some gardeners have had produce, flowers cut and others have had plants removed. 
Wednesday morning @ 6:30 AM multiple garden irrigation faucets were found on and flooding the paths.

As a result we have decided to lock the broken E. Berkeley gate which do longer closes it will stay locked until it is fixed.

Please close the Tremont and Shawmut Ave gates when you leave in the evening.  We want the garden closed from Dusk to Dawn.

Also we’d like to keep gates closed during the week days  during times when few gardeners are in the garden and when most of the vandalism seems to be happening.  

Berkeley Community Gardens
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July update

Sarah Hutt

To all
Happy middle of the summer 
Happy 4th of July

Rabbit sightings continue in the garden -  here are two methods to fight them - there may be more - 
Shakeaway -which is granular or Scentsational which is a liquid - both products are made from Fox urine that seems to scare the rabbits - as fox are a preditor.  You can get them at hardware stores like Home Depot and on Amazon.
The best way is to use chicken wire with one-inch or smaller mesh to create fencing around the perimter of your garden plot - at least 2 feet high to prevent rabbits from jumping over. To keep them from burrowing under, bury at least 3 to 6 inches (the deeper the better) and bend the buried portion away from plantings.

The next Monday night Cleanup and Social Hour is on July 9 from 6 - 7pm  stop by if you have questions or say hi if you are in your garden picking dinner.

Reminder !!!! this is the time to start planting for the fall season - these include green beans, broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, turnips, beats, green onions, Kohlrabi, lettuce, collards, swiss chard, cauliflower, you get the idea -  any seed web site will give you more tips

Conservation of water
Remember garden dues pay for water - so if you see leaks around the irrigation stations email to info@... so it can be repaired quickly.

To protect your squash and tomatoes from blight water the ground not the leaves.  Try to water early morning or evenings - noon is not considered the optimal time especially in this heat.

If you are going to be away and you water common areas please let us know so the plants can be watered. email: info@....


Berkeley Community Gardens
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Invitation from West Springfield Community Garden

Sarah Hutt

Smart Systems for City Gardens
Wednesday, June 27 | 6-7:30
West Springfield Community Garden | 110 West Springfield Street, South End
Join us for a free, informal gathering in the garden and learn from fellow community gardeners about systems that can be incorporated into a home or community garden to increase self-sufficiency: a rat-proof composter, a rain barrel, and a small greenhouse for seed starting and season extension. We can also share advice on dealing with urban garden pests (e.g. rats). We’ll provide some light refreshments; potluck finger foods are welcome but not required. 
Please share with members of your garden community. Hope you will be able to visit.

Althea Wagman-Bolster
West Springfield Community Garden

Shawmut Door

Danielle Abrams <abramsmd@...>

FYI- we were locked in on the Shawmut side last night as the metal plate which holds the door lock shifts and got completely stuck. Nothing worked until my garden neighbor A104?? Went around the long way and used a huge rock to force open the door. Could be dangerous.

Compost and other things

Sarah Hutt

To all - Happy Father’s Day

A reminder that Monday night June 18 is another Monday Night Cleanup and Social Hour starting at 6pm.
If you have some questions or just want to stop by people will be there to answer questions and help with cleanup.

We have been informed that we could get another delivery of compost soil to the garden.
IF you would like soil please send an email to sarah@... 
IF we get enough interest it will be delivered on a Friday 
HELP is needed to meet the truck and make sure gates are opened so it can get into the Shawmut end of the garden. - email sarah@... if you can help.  A future Friday that is best for all will be chosen.

We are in need of a Treasurer----------if you are interested email sarah@... 

The Trustees are ready to raise funds to put a new fence along the A Row alley side - if you have any interest in working with the Trustees to keep the garden informed on their plans and timeline please email sarah@...


KEEP GATES CLOSED AT NIGHT After 7:30 PM close the gates when you leave the garden.  We want to discourage overnight sleeping 
NO DOGS sign went up - we have been finding dog poo and poo bags in the garden.  If people come through with dogs ask them nicely to leave 

Lately we have had a rash of people coming into the garden to steal plants - and take vegetables - if you see anything let someone know - keep gates locked.

Here is a link to a helpful garden web site that talks about gardener issues as the season progresses - this one is about watering your garden

Thanks all,
Berkeley Community Gardens
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South End Garden Tour needs volunteers

Sarah Hutt

To all - the Trustees are holding the annual South End Garden Tour - if you would like to help them sign up info is below
 -Please note the tour is NOT IN BERKELEY Garden this year - 

The South End Garden Tour is on for Saturday, June 16th.

I am writing today to ask that you consider volunteering once again this year.


As you already know, the South End Garden Tour is an excellent opportunity to get a peek into the private gardens of the South End without risking trespassing charges. This year’s tour is a robust mix of private backyard gardens, small pocket parks, some interesting green spaces, and one very unique living roof.

It takes volunteer power on the day of the tour and we have an offer we hope you cannot refuse.


The tour remains a community-based event made possible by the generosity of garden owners, business owners, and countless volunteers. Proceeds from the Tour benefit community gardens in Boston, including the original SELROSLT gardens.

This year the Tour area is Dartmouth to Rutland, between Tremont and Columbus and Titus Sparrow Park to Yarmouth, between Columbus and the Southwest Corridor Park.

Volunteer for one two hour shift on the day of the Tour (Saturday, June 16th) and receive a free garden tour ticket. Three shifts are available 10AM – noon, noon – 2PM, and 2PM – 4PM. We ask that you check in at our booth at the South End Library (685 Tremont St) 1/2 before the start of your shift. That will give us time to get you set up and to your site.

We are especially looking for help in the afternoon!
June 16th 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (Rain Date June 17th 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.) This year's tour area lies within Tremont St, Dartmouth St, Columbus Ave, and Rutland Square. Contact us at (617) 542-7696 x2127 or awolf@...
Not feeling up to the technology?
Call me at  617.869.6720, leave a message at 617.542.2122 x 2122, or email me at pbowne@....

Please share this information with friends, neighbors, and fellow gardeners!


Apologies if this is a duplicate or you have already responded - 
Peter Bowne
Engagement Manager, South End/Lower Roxbury
Trustees  |  Boston
200 High Street  |  Boston, MA 02110
pbowne@...   |  617.542.7696 x 2122 (phone)  |  617.869.6720 (cell)

NO CLEANUP tonight

Sarah Hutt

To all
Due to the rain - we are NOT going to hold our regularly scheduled Monday Night Cleanup and Social Hour tonight

If you are in the garden and picking up the mountains of trash, weeding, planting flowers in the common areas, helping other gardeners,  or any of the other million things that need to get done be sure
to send your hours to 

<cleanups@...>   include your plot number, name, amount of time you are being credited and what you did.

We are required by the Trustees to account for the amount of volunteer time it takes to run the garden so please count your time.


Berkeley Community Gardens
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Plant Sale reminder and Compost DELIVERY

Sarah Hutt

Hi all,
Just a reminder about the Trustees South End Plant Sale @ Berkeley Community Garden
is Saturday, May 19 | 10AM-2PM


Our next Monday Night Cleanup and Social Hour is May 21 6 - 7pm

We will be looking for gardeners to walk the garden with us to make sure gardens are being planted,there is no trash building, and no overbuilding of structures.

June 1st is planting deadline - gardens must be tended or gardener will loose their garden.

We have also had some complaints about trash building up in gardens, and over building of structures.  As a reminder, fences must be no more than 6’ tall this includes overhead structures and 24"  from edge of fence - NO garden vines should grow beyond your garden into your neighbors garden - 

These guidelines were established so everyone would get the sunlight and air circulation they require to grow a successful garden.  If you would like to help update our rules please contact info@...

We are looking for individuals for a maintenance committee - a group to work on plot fence and gate repairs throughout the garden.  If you're interested in doing some handi-work on your own or on the occasional weekend, contact John   johnmcboston@...

COMPOST will be delivered  on Friday May 25 between 10 - 11 AM
We are restricting everyone to a limited amount of soil so as to share with as many gardeners as possible.  We have set 10) 5 gallon white buckets OR 2 wheelbarrows     OR 5 rice bags

Compost is a service of the City of Boston Public Works Department Recycling Program and is for Berkeley Community Gardeners use in the garden ONLY.

thanks all.

Berkeley Community Gardens
EMAIL: info@...

May 7 MONDAY Night Cleanup and Social Hour AND May 19 Berkeley Garden Plant Sales + Flyer attached

Sarah Hutt

To all
Thank you to all who came out to help yesterday with the neighborhood cleanup in Berkeley Community Garden.

Reminder:  Monday night May 7 is Monday Night Cleanup and Social Hour.  (garden calendar; )
Please bring garbage bags, your gloves.  We will be giving out free seeds on Monday night and the Mayor’s Love Your Block Tshirts while they last.

We will be doing a cleaning in prep for the Trustees Garden Plant sale on May 19th

Trustee Plant Sale @ Berkeley Community Garden on the Tremont end of the garden
Saturday May 19th 
10 AM - 2PM

PLEASE NOTE:  On Friday May 18th Trustees will begin to deliver supplies and stored around the shed.  This area will be taped off but PLEASE keep garden gates locked on Friday during this time to prevent any theft.

Set up for Saturday Plant Sale will start at 8AM on Saturday on the Tremont end of the garden.

You will have access to your gardens as usual.

Berkeley Community Gardens
Questions:   info@...
Log your community time:     cleanups@...
Check out the web site: 
FACEBOOK/Berkeley Gardens

Happy Earth Day and other calendar news

Sarah Hutt

Hi Gardeners
Tomorrow April 23rd is Monday Night Cleanup and Social Hour 6 - 7PM  - stop by if you have any garden questions

TUESDAY April 24,  6-7:30PM----  Trustee event in Berkeley Garden Small Space & Container Gardening (Getting Started)  NOTE date change to TUESDAY April 24th
Learn to grow more with the space you have! From window boxes to milk crates to raised beds, there are lots of ways to get creative about growing in the city. We'll cover crop varieties and techniques for saving space in both beds and containers, and go over the particulars of setting up and maintaining a low-cost container garden.

All Gardeners are welcome to this Trustee event but if not interested please feel free to come to the garden and work in your plot.

And by popular demand — We will be holding a Saturday Cleanup on May 5  from  9 - NOON- this is by popular demand to have cleanups on the weekend - so we hope you will be able to attend.

Also put it on your calendar!!!
The Annual Trustee Garden Plant Sale  will be held on Saturday, May 19 | 10AM-2PM the Trustees will hold their annual Berkeley Community Garden South End Plant Sale on the Tremont end of the garden.

If you are doing you garden community hours independently be sure to submit them to cleanups@... with your name, plot number, amount of time, and description of work you are doing.

Thanks all,

Berkeley Community Gardens
FACEBOOK/Berkeley Gardens

Rabbits spotted in the garden

Sarah Hutt

To all,
Some of you may remember the rabbit attack we had a couple of years ago - one has been spotted in the garden so now is the time to secure your garden because there is really no way to protect the entire garden from rabbits.  They are here so PREPARE your garden.  If you do nothing they will eat all your new shoots and leafy greens.

Please check around your garden for rabbit dens - they are starting to have babies so lets stop them before the garden is overrun.  I know they are cute but they are not your friend.  !!!!!!!

Berkeley Gardeners have found using Hardware Cloth Wire with 1/4” holes to effecently keep the rabbits out of gardens.  

Here is a link to the Home Depot site that shows an example of Hardware Cloth

It is available at any hardware store including the Ace Hardware on Tremont St., Home Depot, and on Amazon.

 The fencing should be buried about 6”  deep (15.24 cm) in an “L” shape with the lower part of the L about 4“ facing into the garden.

Here is a video by our friends at  the Fenway Victory Gardens made a few years ago that shows how to lay out the wire and includes some of their rules and regulations - Please note after making the video they learned the chicken wire holes still let in the smaller rabbits so now recommend the 1/4 Hardware Cloth:

If you would like to coordinate with your garden neighbors to lay new fencing or if you are having trouble connecting or need help with translation please respond to this email.


Berkeley Community Gardens
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Berkeley Community Garden updates - the water is on

Sarah Hutt

Hello Gardeners
Thanks everyone for coming out on last Saturday for our annual Garden Cleanup  - we had participation from over 80 gardeners —  the garden looked great for a couple of days.  

Welcome to our new Lottery garden plot winners - we hope you are settling in please reach out to fellow gardeners if you have any questions

The water is now on -your Berkeley Garden dues pay for water so always use water conservation - always report any problems with turning water off or if you see pools of water in the ground that may indicate a break in the plumbing.  Our water is on a timer is set for 6AM and shuts off at 8PM  — if you come into the garden and find the water turned on with no one around please turn it off and report it to info@... neighborhood pranksters sometimes target the garden.

Please report any rat or rabbit sightings - we want to get rid of them before they start nesting in the garden.

--Next Garden Monday night Cleanup and Social Hour is April 23 from 6 - 7PM stop by if you have any questions.  We’ll be cleaning up the garden in preparation for Trustee event on the 25th see below.

---May 5 is a Mothers Day (May 13th) city wide cleanup….the  City Love Your Block initiative - it will be a great opportunity to cleanup the garden before for those Mother’s Day strolls through the garden - If you are able to help we would like to get a team together to pick up supplies from the city,  buy trays of flowers to plant in the common areas, trim some bushes, and get out any trash missed during our April 7 cleanup—  you will be credited 5 hours of community time please email sarah@...

We need help -----------   please email sarah@...
—Help is needed to enforce garden rules concerning height of gardens and cleaning out gardens.  This will including periodic meetings in the garden to identify problem gardens and working with those gardeners to clean up their spaces.

——Got a good idea for the garden - email  info@...   lets make it happen.

Looking for Plants for your garden???????
The Annual Trustee Garden Plan Sale Event will be held on Saturday, May 19 | 10AM-2PM the Trustees will hold their annual Berkeley Community Garden South End Plant Sale on the Tremont end of the garden.

If you can’t wait
While the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating you can still plant seeds for the cold weather crops - carrots, beets, radishes, peas, beans, lettuce, chard, greens 
The Ace Hardware store on Tremont has Burpee seeds and Mings Chinese Market on Washington Street has a large selection of seeds all available now

If you want plants they will soon show up in the neighborhood Farmers Market but there is also a plant store within walking distance - just around the corner on Albany Street - between E. Dedham and E. Canton Street
Boston Flower Market - 591 Albany Street - opens at 9:30 AM - they have racks of plants on the street running the length of the block - flowers, herbs, vegetables, berries, shrubs…..everything.

Also please be aware that on Wednesday, April 25, 6-7:30 the Trustees will be holding an event in the Berkeley Garden. Small Space & Container Gardening (Getting Started)  Learn to grow more with the space you have! From window boxes to milk crates to raised beds, there are lots of ways to get creative about growing in the city. We'll cover crop varieties and techniques for saving space in both beds and containers, and go over the particulars of setting up and maintaining a low-cost container garden.
All Gardeners are welcome to join the event but if not interested please feel free to come to the garden and work in your plot.
Remember to send in your community hours if you do any independent work in the garden <cleanups@...> include your plot number, name, amount of time, and description of what you did.

Happy Marathon Day!!
Berkeley Community Gardens
FACEBOOK/Berkeley Gardens

REMINDER: Spring Cleanup April 7th 9 - 3pm

Sarah Hutt

Berkeley Community Gardens 
Annual Spring Cleanup and Potluck Lunch
 April 7, 9am – 3pm
NOON garden announcements and updates
Potluck at 12:30 — PLEASE bring a dish to share for the Potluck!!!

For Cleanup: Bring your garden gloves, garbage bags, garden tools, and lots of spring energy!!!

Dumpster available Friday April 6 – Sunday April 8th

To all

Saturday April 7 is our Annual Gardens Cleanup and Potluck Lunch 9 AM  - 3 PM
9AM Dunkin Donut Coffee and Donuts will be available
The dumpster is for everyone to use to clean out your garden and the common areas in the garden of all unnessary items 
All hands are needed to make the day a success!!!    

Here are some ways you can help

12 Garden Buddies (4 community hours credit)
This year the Plot Lottery will be held March 31st at 8AM at Project Place so new gardeners can participate in the April 7th cleanup.  We need gardeners, identified as Garden Buddies, to be available if anyone has any questions.  We are looking for 12 people  - you will be supplied with a handout info   You will need to arrive by 9:00 AM.

LUNCHTIME POTLUCK (4 hours of community hours credit)
2 or 3 people --Setting up tables and putting out paper goods - then help putting everything away after lunch

1 or 2 people for Grocery Shopping (2 - 4 community hours credit)  – contact <sarah@...> for the shopping list and non-profit paperwork to purchase food and paper supplies.

The Grill: setting up for cook out.  Then making sure its all clean and put back into storage for next time.

General Maintenance HELP  (you will be credited for the amount of time you work)
If you have BATTERY POWEREDTools bring them to help with maintenance (no electrical outlets in the garden)  
WORK CREWS will be doing general maintenance and fence mending jobs.  

The dumpster is your opportunity to remove old wood, plastic covering fences, collected unused objects, and other debris from your garden. The garden plots are not for storage, only garden related equipment may be left in the garden (see rules for more details).   

Other notes
• Water will be turned on sometime in April - we will post a notice once the City announces date.
• Compost will be delivered sometime this spring. No date has been announced yet.

Remember to lock the gates in the evening when you leave the garden- for garden security we keep the main gates locked at night.  No one can get locked in with our new inside release locks so always close the gates when you leave in the evening. - if you need a gate key they will be available during clean up on Saturday. Keys cost $2.00

For more information check out the Berkeley Gardens web site:   

See you on Saturday!!! Rain or Shine!!!
Garden Leadership 
Berkeley Community Gardens
FACEBOOK/Berkeley Gardens

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