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Elizabeth ANDERSON

Hi Sarah, 
I can do some shoveling this winter. 

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HELLO Gardeners -  - hope you all got to enjoy it in some way

A couple of things -
Trustees will be scraping the fence of chipping paint over 2 days w/BU students on August 31 + Sept 1st  from  9 – 1p  If you are interested in helping please respond to this email.

Rats in the garden 
YES there are rats in the garden there are also squirrels, mice, raccoons and rabbits - because the garden is a perfect area for food and provides secure places to hide, because the garden is situation next to the City sewers where many rats live, and because there is construction in the neighborhood pushing them into our area.
This summer Ted has taken on the work task to bait and trap rats with the help of a licensed exterminator but there is only so much they can do.
This is what  you can do.
Visit your garden daily and make sure you move around your plot
Don’t store unnecessary things in your garden that provide cover for the rats - leaving items piled along shared fences provide cover
Pick all ripe foods - do not let foods drop to the ground and rot - take trash home and add to your trash.
Consider using growing fences and other ways to keep your produce from laying on the ground
We all need to do our part  - we are all in this together!!

Concerning Plants + Branches growing beyond fence boundaries
Alley side of A Row---The Trustees now require that no branches or vines reach out into the alley.  They are coming next week Wednesday + Thursday to cut everything.  So please wind your vines back into your garden.  And make any cuts yourself - 
This includes rosebushes and any other bush/tree that is growing in your garden.  If you don’t do it they will.
B Row and C Row - our garden is required to be open to the public Trustees will be cutting any branches, bushes, or vines hanging out into the public areas.  Please cut your own bushes - this is your responsibility.  If the Trustees do it we have to pay for it.
SNOW- it will return!
For the past 2 years we have hired a company to remove the snow -but because we can't control how many storms we have we can’t control the cost.  Last year cost was about $6,000.  

The Trustees would like to work with us and instead shovel the snow this year.  We are looking for volunteers who will commit to working with a rotating team to clear the entrances of Shawmut and Tremont.  Trustees will follow up and do E. Berkeley and a 2nd run through the entrances.
If you help you will be given double hours 
NEW Garden Gates
We have just installed new garden locks on the outer garden gates.  These gates when locked will still open from the inside protecting anyone from getting locked in.  PLEASE close the gates behind you when you leave at night.  We are starting to see people coming into the garden and stealing plants and food. PLEASE KEEP GATES LOCKED AT NIGHT

And lastly - Two events - South End Open Studios is the weekend of September expect large crowds walking through the garden.
and the Trustees are planning another event this one is an apple festival on October 21st.  If anyone is interested in working with them please respond to this email.

Thanks all - remember to record any time you have spent doing garden tasks to cleanups@...

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