Help needed

Sarah Hutt

To all
As we slide through the growing season opportunities for helping out with the garden pop up - please respond to this email if you are interested in one of these jobs

The garden has two wagons that are actively used throughout the season.  Both have wheels that in need of repair.  If you are interested in taking this on details about the wheels will be provided and we will set up an arrangement for you to be reimbursed for any expenses with Garden funds.

The Center area and area down by the Shawmut end need to be mowed on a regular basis - mow once mow twice - if interested please let me know

TRASH pick up
I have no idea where its coming from but if you see papers and other things pick them up - If you see trash piled by the Shawmut gate please remove it and put it out with the trash - this is not the place to leave it but someone seems to be doing so.

And remember if you are doing hours send them to <cleanups@...> with your name, plot number, amount of time you worked, the date you work, and what you worked on

Thanks everyone

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