Compost delivery tomorrow FRIDAY May 5

Sarah Hutt

To all

Rain or Shine the compost WILL be delivered tomorrow.  

There will be 4 truck loads which will start at 8:30 AM (approximate time )

deliveries will stop at NOON

The Compost Committee will be there tomorrow to meet the deliveries.  Thank you to the Compost Committee for taking on this task.

Everyone that takes soil will need to sign in.

We are hoping that everyone can get some soil so we are limited how much sail everyone can take.

Everyone gets 2 wheelbarrow full of soil 
you can load up 10 (5 gallon ) buckets
you can fill 5 rice bags

The gates will be kept locked while we have soil to protect it from the general public walking through our pile

Please bring your key to get in the garden and ALWAYS lock the gate behind you.

Thanks everyone

Compost Committee

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