Event reminder: Compost, Clean up, Plant Sale, Garden Tour................

Sarah Hutt

To all
Below are a list of events and opportunities to get work hours - please contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks all

Compost will be delivered May 5 in the morning - 4 truck loads - see earlier email for all details - we still need help……..

Monday Night Social hour and Clean Up schedule Next date May 8  <http://berkeleygardens.org/calendar/index.html>

May 6 is a City Wide clean up - Love Your Block.  We are looking for folks to help collect and put out all the trash that seems to be collecting already around the gardens  - large lengths of wood and other assorted containers.  This is also a great time if anyone has come to realize there are things in their garden they want to remove - everything is picked up by NOON so consider comeing out and helping.
It is also the opening day for South End Little League - the parade down Shawmut Ave starts at around 10 AM

Trustees planned events in our garden - we will need garden members to provide help during these events - which you will of course be credited for.
  • May 20, Plant Sale
    • this year it is being moved from the Ben Franklin Institute to Berkeley and will be set up in the Common Spaces.
  • June 17, South End Garden Tour
    • we are again on the tour 
      • we need gardeners to be in their gardens or around the common areas ready to talk about how much you love to garden 
      • if you have an idea of something you’d like to sell - Berkeley T shirts, water, bake sale, 
      • if you want to spend the day painting pictures - taking photos - really anything could work.  
      • You will be credited your planning time and time in the garden.
  • August 16, The Moth/PBS/Podcast Garage program  <https://themoth.org/radio-hour/live-in-boston>
    • Gardeners are invited to this event but as of this time we have not been asked to supply work support -
    • the Trustees will be selling box dinners and beverages or there will be a Food Truck
    • Gardeners, neighbors, and storytellers from the Podcast Garage will be invited to sign up in advance to tell a story related to the theme “Taking Root.” The evening will begin with a segment of mingling and one-on-one participatory storytelling with prompts placed around the garden, followed by a series of short performances by those storytellers selected in advance. FREE and open to all.

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