Compost delivery postponed till May 5

Sarah Hutt

To all

Due to the rain the compost delivery to Berkeley Community Garden is being rescheduled for Friday, May 5 - to be delivered in the morning.

We are expecting 40 cu yards of compost from the City of Boston Public Works Recycling Department To understand how much soil this is the dumpster we order in the spring and fall is 30 cu feet - 

This is a lot of soil and should be enough for everyone in the garden to get soil if we each only take the amount portion for each garden member.

So the following will be strictly enforced.

We have calculated an amount of soil so everyone can get some  - while some of our longstanding gardeners have multiple gardens this soil will be divided up by member not by garden plots.  If you are sharing your garden with another person you only get dirt for one person.

Each gardener can get 
 two wheelbarrows full of compost - 
This is equivalent to 10 - 5 gallon buckets
5 rice bags.

To anyone unable to make arrangements to get soil on Friday morning - we will attempt to secure the soil but please understand that the pile is not in a secure area and can not be protected - when its gone it is gone-- although we are hopeful it will be around till Saturday.

The soil we are receiving is from the City of Boston Public Works Recycling Department and is made at City Soil in Mattapan - for more info on the company  While the soil is organic you still need to mix it with other soil to provide a balance of nutrients to grow healthy plants.  And don’t forget to use plant food on your plants throughout the summer.  

If you would like more soil, forming a group for a large delivery from Home Depot or buying more from City Soil can be arranged

Please let us know if you have any questions
Thank you
Berkeley Compost Team

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