April: Schedule of upcoming events, Water Update, Logging work hours, and where to put trash

Sarah Hutt

To Everyone - 

Upcoming Garden related Events

  • April 24 NEXT MONDAY NIGHT CLEAN UP and SOCIAL HOUR  6 - 7 PM - stop by to this social hour in the garden - bring your questions and advice - All Gardeners Welcome

  • April 27 Thursday - Trustees Day of Service @ Berkeley Garden----if interested in helping send info and Trustees will contact you directly

  • May 6  OPENING DAY for Little League in Peter’s Park The Shawmut side of the garden faces Peters Park.  On May 6 it will be decorated with balloons, include a jumpy rand filled with kids - they march at 10 am down Shawmut Ave to the ball field then every politician in town and members of the Red Sox show up to cheer the kids on.

  • May 6 - City Wide Clean Up - renamed Love your Block the City sponsors a clean up - this is another chance to clean out the garden of large items - garden help is needed

  • May 8  MONDAY NIGHT CLEAN UP and SOCIAL HOUR  6 - 7 PM - stop by to this social hour in the garden - bring your questions and advice - All Gardeners Welcome

  • May 20,  Trustees Plant Sale -----The Trustees are having their City Wide plant sale in Berkeley (Last year it was in the Ben Franklin yard)  They will be managing this event -
  • June 1st all gardens must be actively planted and tended any garden not participating will be pulled and given to Lottery gardener
  • June 17, South End Garden Tour----  Again this year Berkeley is being featured - we will need folks to hang in their gardens and talk about what you are growing or answer questions  - 

Just a reminder to those who have bought plants for their garden - it is still early for planting as the night temperature is still fluxuating - if the temperature goes below 55 at night consider covering your plants - the longer they stay out the hardier they will be but don’t be disappointed if you don’t see fast growth, its still early to plant, the days aren’t consistently warm, and the nights are still cold.

Water is off in C Row ---see web site for updates:  www.berkeleygardens.org

Compost Delivery date has not been announced will post as soon as available - if you would like to help overseeing giving out the allotment for each gardener please sign up - info@... or respond to this email.

TRASH - NO trash should be piled up or left in common areas.  NO TRASH can be left on the street in front of the garden.  
We are not a City property.  
The City will not pick up garden trash.  
You must take all trash home with you and put out for pick up.

Independent Clean Up please log your hours at cleanups@...
include your plot number, name, description of work done and amount of time you worked.  If you take a picture we can post it on our Facebook page.

For full schedule of Monday Night Clean ups and Social Hour  http://berkeleygardens.org/calendar/ 

Questions email info@...

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