Saturday Clean up April 8

Sarah Hutt

Hello everyone

Reminder - our Annual Garden Clean up- Lottery - potluck is tomorrow April 8

Things that need to be done
  • Take orange cones down to the dumpster and make sure the areas around it are marked so no one parks
  • Help bring all tools and wheelbarrows, wagons from the garden shed out so folks can access them
  • Walk through the garden and pick up all trash
  • Remove dead bushes from C Row
  • Help remove giant holly bush in C127
  • There are 16 gardens up for Lottery - offer to help new gardeners clean out their spaces - if they want to remove plants from their garden move them to the A Row open space by the grape vines towards the Shawmut End  they will be replanted in common areas
  • Someone to stay by dumpster and make sure debris is loaded to the back so we can maximize the space 
  • Help setting up the tables and bringing out the potluck cutlery +  cups, plates etc NO GRILL we are ordering pizza again
  • Help is needed fixing gates and fences - see John after Lottery is completed - bring any battery operated drills or saws as there is no electricity in the garden at this time.
  • At end of day help collect all the tools and bring back to shed
The dumpster will be available until Monday morning at 6am 
Do NOT overfill the dumpster the contents should NOT spill over the top

thank you for helping 
Berkeley Community Gardens

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