April 1 Garden member opportunities toward required garden time

Sarah Hutt

To all
Well its almost spring ! 

April 1 our official beginning of spring - Annual Clean up, Potluck + Lottery is fast approaching - we need everyones help to make the day a success.

We will have a dumpster for the weekend - this is the best time to clean out all the unwanted materials from your garden - our annual Pizza party - Potluck is at NOON
We hope everyone can be there.

And thank you to everyone that has pitched in over the winter with snow removal and picking up trash - remember to send in your work time with your name, plot number, and description of what you worked on to <cleanups@...>.  

Here are a few tasks that will need to be filled more will follow

1 person to Meet the Dumpster on Friday morning before NOON

2 people to Pick up coffee and donuts on Saturday by 9 AM

Garden Buddies
This year we need about 15 people to adopt a new Lottery gardener for the day and introduce them to their space and our garden community - if you are interested more info will follow

Help setting up for the lunch time potluck - at least 2 or more to bring out paper goods, tables, arrange potluck foods and desserts, and whatever else you can think of

Pick up the Pizzas - at least 3 people for that job !!

Crew to help fix fences and gates

Crew to help clean out empty Lottery gardens with the new members

And for special projects

Someone or two to build a “Little Free Library” to be set up near the Tremont end of the garden near the patio area - so books on gardening can be shared - the garden will supply materials

Garden Ambassador:  We get a fair amount of requests from organizations, students, tourists, and other community gardens for info about our garden or a garden tour.  If you would be interested in replying to a few of these please let me know.  Last year we had 15 requests.

If you would like to participate please respond to this email
Thank you everyone
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