Plot Renewal DON"T FORGET- NOTE new location this year

Sarah Hutt


the very LAST CHANCE to renew your garden 
will be held at 
Project Place, 1145 Washington Street 2d floor 
(there is an elevator)
 on corner of E. Berkeley and Washington Street by the outgoing Silverline Stop.
over the Myer+Chang Restaurant
Saturday March 11 from 10 - 11:3

Help is still needed ---if you can help please respond to this email

If you have questions about your garden fees please respond to this email or come to Project Place.   We will not settle issues at the Garden Clean up on April 1st

Any garden not renewed by March 11th we will assume you are not returning and will be part of the Lottery on April 1st

If you are not returning PLEASE return your garden keys - and leave the padlock 

Please plan on participating in the April 1st clean up + Noon Potluck - we will have the dumpster for the weekend so your plot and the garden can be cleaned out.

Thank you

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