More garden vandalism found

Sarah Hutt

To all
First - Thank you to whomever picked up trash on Wednesday or Thursday - please let me know your plan for removing trash bags from garden.  Today is trash day.  Be sure to log in your hours at cleanups@...

More Vandalism
I went back to the garden on Thursday and while picking up trash found more broken pipes from our irrigation system 

Here is a list of broken plumbing and the approximate garden it is close to - if you go into the garden and see something NOT on my list PLEASE report it - don’t assume someone else will report it.  We are ordering materials for repairs and want to make sure everything is fixed.  Collect and broken pipes or valves found and put them by the shed - also respond to this email so we can add them to the list.

Be sure to keep the gates locked
And if you see anyone in the garden that shouldn’t be there call 911

These are the vandalized irrigation stations
A 153 
A125 across from it 

B126   gate is broken 

John and Steven are working with the Trustees to get these fixed before the water is turned on in May. 

 If you would like to help with repairs and get some hours respond to this email.

Thank you 
Sarah C104
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