Garden Spring Renewal is here

Sarah Hutt

To all

Garden Spring Renewal invoices are in the mail.  If you do not receive yours by Friday February 10th  please respond to this email so a copy of your invoice can be emailed and you are able to secure your plot for the season.

            IF you are NOT RETURNING please return your keys - they can be left in a plastic bag with your PLOT number and tossed in garden C104 near the Shawmut end.

           All Renewal Plot Fees must be paid by March 11.  
If there is a problem with paying by the deadline please contact John@...  to let us know why. Otherwise YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR PLOT

Last chance to pay will be the Garden Renewal 
10 AM - 11:30 
 Saturday March 11 
 Project Place
145 Washington Street, 2nd floor (elevator available) 
corner of E. Berkeley/Washington Street.  On the ground floor of the building is Myer&Chang restaurant.

 April 1st  Annual Spring Garden Clean up - Lottery & Potluck
Please make arrangements to attend we will have a dumpster for the weekend so you can clean out your garden.
As of this email we have 13 gardens to give out at Lottery - tell your friends more details about the Lottery 

Volunteers are needed now for
 Renewal at Project Place -volunteers are needed to help with transactions that day 
Translators are always needed

Work from home and help to prepare for April 1 Garden Clean Up  ----This work will take place between March 11th - 31st

April 1 - help needed
Meet the Dumpster - on Friday March 31
Garden Clean Up teams
13 Garden Buddies  
Potluck set up team

Regular Every Day all over garden trash pick up
With no snow to cover things over the city trash that collects in the garden is mounting - anyone who would like to get volunteer hours please consider filling a bag as you walk through. 
  Please email cleanups@... to record your time

Later in the spring 
Compost Delivery - looking for someone to coordinate with City Soil for the delivery 
People needed on site to manage deliveries

Please NOTE:  Garden fees are calculated based on your completion of the 12 hour volunteer requirements.  This is a automatic calculation on the computer based on submitted work hours.  Hours are recorded when you attend organized garden events and a volunteer submits your hours or when you work independently and submit your time to cleanups@... 

If you have been charged the $150 no work fee and feel you did complete your required 12 hours please contact us so it can be corrected.    

Thank you all-- looking forward to seeing everyone!!!!
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