Re: [berkeleygardens] test

John McLachlan

We're in the 21st century!! Does this mean i can send out birding updates?
ummmm. sure.

Now for a word from our sponsors:
I assume one sends an email to the group, it is to all.
Yes. I'm sure we can get great discussions going. Also, people can set their mail to "special notices only", so we can sent out important messages to everyone, and they can turn the 'banter' off if they'd like.

OK. Great for group communications. How do we propose handling feedback, questions, etc.
You can to and it will go to the group moderators (we three) - that might be best for confidential questions when they don't know us.

It suggests, amongst other things, that we consider more formally introducing our roles to others, or at least agree amongst ourselves who does what.
A good 'first message' once we get people on board.

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