May 8 Garden Clean up last minute details

Sarah Hutt

To All

As our grand May 8th Saturday clean up and garden Lottery approaches
garden leadership wanted to remind you of a few things

Please bring gloves, garden tools --- especially if you are taking on
a special task. - we will have the dumpster delivered that morning
with a goal to haul as much non-garden items to the dumpster as

Here are some of the work tasks

John McLachlan will be overseeing gate repair, gate building and
fence repair. If you need help with a gate or fencing and you
haven't spoken to John in the past please let him know so he can buy
the appropriate amount of materials before hand. If you can afford
to kick in $10 for a new gate it will go a long way to help pay for
materials so we don't deplete the garden budget.

Consider helping with one of these projects - when you arrive at the
garden see John -
-going to Home Depot for supplies (email John before hand so he can
prepare the list
- fix or replace gates
- dig post holes and strengthen (or add) fencing between plots
There are other tasks that will be handed on on Saturday

If anyone would like to meet at the Shawmut end of the garden at 7AM
Sarah will be there getting cars towed so the dumpster can be parked along Shawmut for the weekend.

UPDATE REMINDER: Garden Clean up this year will be mandatory
We are kicking off a new garden standard for keeping the garden clean
-- the following was initiated last year, it will be enforced this
- Keep ALL Garden Paths Open and Clear for wheelbarrows,
strollers, carts
· NO Pots or Plants in the Path
· Keep Edges Clear - NO Edging along the Path Border
· NO Over Hanging Trellis / Structures – Straight Sides Okay
- NO Structures or Hoses intruding onto the Path
· NO Storing a Lot of Slats, Buckets or Other Building

Additional information will be available at CLEAN-UP and posted on
the web site

We would like to continue the traditional of ANNUAL CLEAN UP COOK OUT
the grills will be lit at around NOON
please bring a dish to pass, some snacks, or something to drink
in past years Leadership has donated all materials and food- but
this year with so many maintenance and clean up construction expenses
needed -- we are all getting tapped out.
So, if you can possible help please let me or Ann
<> know or if your friends in the garden might
be interested -

Here is what we have:
- small grill
- some hot dogs
- all the paper and plastic we'll need for a long time!! (I've
collected stuff from ODNA events)
-Dunkin Donuts coffee

If any one has a BJ or other food club membership and wants to make a
trip that would probably save some money.
Here's what we need:
- one of those light-the-bag full of charcoal (or two so we have one
for the next event)
- lots of hot dogs (Meat and Veggie both seem popular). I think
we've been going through about 100 per cook out
- the same number of hot dog rolls (could be bought at Quinzann's
Bakery on Harrison Ave)
- 3 squirt bottles of ketchup
- 2 squirt bottles of mustard
- chips or some kind of snacks
- 4 cases bottled WATER

If you would like to donate one of the items let Ann or me know so we
don't end up with 90 bottles of water and no hot dogs : ))

thank you and see you on Saturday
Berkeley Garden Leadership

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