Spring update

Sarah Hutt

Happy Spring all.

Dates have been set for the following

Water will be turned on April 16th - Yes it is City water but NO it is NOT FREE, garden fees pay for the water so if you see any leaks or notice it being used for "non-garden" uses please notify garden leadership. Currently it is on a timer, times will be posted on the web site.

April 10 - Annual Garden Renewal @ the YWCA, 90 Berkeley Street, from 10 AM - Noon. You will be receiving notice with information how to pay shortly. A call will go out end of March asking for volunteers to help, work time will be credited.

May 8 - Spring Clean-up and Lottery - The dumpster will be delivered and available over the weekend. More information will be posted as we get closer to the event.

Each year we receive a small amount of free seeds from BNAN. If you would like early planting seeds please contact johnmc@berkeleygardens.org arrangements will be made to drop them off in your garden.

Bi-Monthly Clean-up Schedule
May 24

June 7

June 21

July 12 (three week gap due to 4th of July)

July 26

August 9

August 23

September 6 (ON labor day)

September 20

October 4

October 19

October 30 - fall cleanup

Please check the web site for updates and news: www.berkeleygardens.com

You will notice the new shed has been installed and work continues on the fence. Fundraising continues so we can complete fencing in the entire garden, look for further updates by mail and email. Special projects will be posted as they come up. If you have an idea for something you would like to do to enhance the garden please don't hesitate to contact someone from leadership.

See you in the garden
Garden Leadership

Sarah Hutt, General Operations sarah@berkeleygardens.org
Ann McQueen, Questions about the Fence ann@berkeleygardens.org
Jason Hagan, Treasurer jason@berkeleygardens.org
Dave Stein, Maintenance Dave@berkeleygardens.org
John Mc, Maintenance Projects Johnmc@berkeleygardens.org
Richard Kwan, Chinese Translator rkwan@berkeleygardens.org

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