Berkeley Garden Saturday Oct 31 clean up

Sarah Hutt

To all

Our annual end of year clean up will be held on Saturday from 10 am - 3 pm.  With a potluck lunch break at around noon.

The dumpster will arrive between 7 - 8 am.  Anyone that would like to start their work hours early and meet me at the Shawmut Street entrance please let me know.  We will need to contact the police to have cars towed so the dumpster can be delivered.   

The dumpster will be on site until Monday morning so you will have the entire weekend to clean your garden.

On display will be pictures of the new garden informational signage and the proposed mesh design for the entire fence. 

We are also setting up a work crew for winter snow removal - anyone interested in doing this please contact me by email or on Saturday.  We are required by the city to remove the snow - not doing it last winter is one of the things that triggered the problems we had with neighbors and the BRA this summer.  So if you are not committed to keeping the snow plowed please don't volunteer.

Here will be our clean up concentration for Saturday  Don't forget to bring your gloves, shovels, weed wackers:

- the weeds and grass along C Row need to be pulled, cut or otherwise weed whacked -- even though this whole area will change at some point soon (future construction schedule will be posted on Saturday), we are still getting complaints about the high grass so it needs to be removed during clean-up.

- all planting beds and pots along C Row need to be removed by the owners.  Some folks may need assistance moving pots and digging up plants.

- the weeds in the Dwight/Tremont plot (outside the fence) need to be pulled

- pull and and toss out most of what is in or around the middle area raised beds.  The beds will be rebuild so plants need to be removed -- there are some bushes (3 butterfly bushes, 3 small evergreens, 3 hydrangeas) that could be temporarily relocated - we will decide where on Saturday.  But the day lilies, azaleas and the crippled pine tree on the Shawmut side of the middle area can go into the  dumpster.


If you have any comments, ideas for the garden please don't hesitate to share them with someone from Leadership - thinking about joining Leadership and get to know the garden a little better.

See you all on Saturday, Happy Halloween

Sarah Hutt

and the entire Berkeley Community Garden Leadership Committee

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