moving things on Saturday

John McLachlan

Posted for ann:

I've gotten everything and almost everybody we need to move some of the boulders in the center section into a more reasonable arrangement. We're set now for sometime this Saturday around 2PM after the Silver Line festivities are over. I have a long pry-bar, a very sturdy dolly and a couple of guys ... not enough muscle power to really do the job so I hope that some of you are available to lend a hand! Placement advice is also welcome! Ken and I noted that there are three boulders clustered around the cherry tree. There is a single rock by the birch tree that is well placed and won't be moved because it is special to Tracey. But there are two more that should probably move toward that single rock ... to keep it company and provide a more conversational seating arrangement. So that's were we'll start, and two may be enough. We'll see
... come on by to lend a hand!

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