Boston Trustees Gardeners' Gazette

Sarah Hutt

To all - and new Gardeners
This is the monthly newsletter from Boston Trustees which is the umbrella organization that manages all community gardens (100+ in Boston) and open space - like the Boston Harbor Walk)  as well as many open spaces and beaches throughout Massachusetts.

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A Message from Vidya Tikku, Director
It was wonderful to catch up with our volunteer garden coordinators at our spring meeting. As always, their energy and willingness to support the gardens and their communities is inspiring and so appreciated. Our dialogue included a starter conversation on inclusion for all in our community gardens and our staff team will take the collective feedback from our meeting and determine next steps for the season ahead. 

As spring kicks in, we are all eagerly awaiting the city compost deliveries. A big shout out to Mayor Janey, the DPW and Landscape Express to help provide the free compost once again to all the community gardens. A thank you also to Wendy Heiger-Bernays and her team at the BU School of Public Health that helped analyze the test results and determine the health and safety of the compost. If anyone is still awaiting their compost deliveries, please reach out to Alex at acarbone@... who is working to make sure the City's contractor is able to catch up on all pending deliveries.

There are a very large number of inquiries still being received by us from Boston residents who are hoping to access a garden plot this year to support their families. If there are any plot vacancies that open up in your garden as the season progresses, please reach out to Peter at pbowne@.... We will be sure to match up folks from your neighborhood to any openings your garden may have to offer. Some of these people on the wait list may also be available to help you take care of the garden's common areas or help with spring garden clean ups. So just keep us posted if you could use some extra support this spring. Finally, to help plan and host programs in your gardens safely this summer, reach out by May 14 to Michelle at mdelima@...

Wishing you all a rewarding gardening season; I look forward to catching up with you in person in the coming months. 

Upcoming Events

Kids in the Garden: Grow Your Own Sprouts 
Virtual or In-Person | May 19

Spring Sippers Mixology 
Virtual | May 20

Trellising 101 Workshop 
Virtual or In-Person | June 2

Cooking Seasonal: Spanakopita with Wild Greens 
Virtual | June 10

Kids in the Garden: Cooking with Flowers 
Virtual or In-Person | June 16

Juneteenth Freedom Fete at Nightingale  
Virtual or In-Person | June 19

Spring Flowers
Jordan Takvorian, Steward

In spring it seems like just about everything is in bloom but there are a few standouts at the nursery in my opinion. Wild Geranium, a perennial favorite, features delicate pink blossoms that smother rounded mounds of lovely textured foliage. It’s a true floral feast that shines in sunny to part shade conditions. In wetter, shadier conditions Chrysogonum features forest green leaves tumbling along the forest floor bedecked by intensely buttered yellow star-shaped blooms. My favorite thing about this charmer is that although flowers peak in spring, it will keep intermittently blooming right through frost. It’s the perfect plant for your shade garden. The zig-zagging arching stems of variegated and plain green Solomon’s Seal are covered with hanging, tubular white flowers and are popular with hungry bees. Spring is the perfect time to plant in the garden and there are a plethora of stunning plants in peak bloom at this time.

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Kids' Programs on Sprouts, Edible Flowers & More
Annabel Rabiyah, Garden Programs Coordinator

Inspired by last year's "Grow your Own Food" and "Cooking the Harvest" series, we are offering a hands-on, inquiry-based learning series for kids this spring. Kids of all ages are welcome to join on zoom, or in person at City Natives in Mattapan. Last month, we explored seeds, where seeds come from, and found a variety of seeds in our kitchens. This month, we will learn how to grow your sprouts from a variety of seeds. And in June, we will explore edible flowers, and then offer a cooking demonstration for a flower-based dish. Last year, parents raved at how these programs sparked interest in trying new foods, cooking, and getting out into the garden. We look forward to continuing this enriching programming this season! Please check out the details in our upcoming event calendar and spread the word to any families or teachers you know who might be interested! 
Spring Stewardship Updates
Alex Carbone, Stewardship Manager

In April we continued to work with Boston Water and Sewer to turn water on at each of our community gardens and parks. After a few plumbing repairs both by our staff and hired professionals, water is on at all of our properties! Keep an eye out for leaks at your garden throughout the season.
Our crew removed the old pieces and installed new lumber to raised beds at Warren & Clarendon community garden(top). At the Symphony Road community garden, construction fill soil was replaced with fresh loam by a contracting crew. These new beds have now been planted for the season (bottom left). Our first pre-design meeting is in the books! Landscape designers from COGdesign polled community members over zoom and discussed potential improvements to Dartmouth Green park in the South End (bottom right).

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