Compost delivery WEDNESDAY April 21

Sarah Hutt

By popular demand we are getting  COMPOST soil early this year 

It will be delivered on Wednesday April 21

Starting around 10 AM till about 3PM

 If you can assist tomorrow please go to the garden and look for Jack.

This composted soil is only for garden members per our agreement with the City of Boston who provides the soil.

Please keep gates locked 

We are going to need EVERYONES cooperation to make sure everyone gets soil.

We have calculated that each member can have

                        2 wheelbarrows full of compost

                        OR 10 white - 5 gallon buckets OR 10 rice bags.

Due to the necessity to maintain social distancing we ask everyone continue to wear their masks.  
We will have 4 truck deliveries vs. the usual one big one.  This will allow people to come through the day      

If you can help please respond to this email and join the Compost Delivery Team

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