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Sarah Hutt

Hello Gardeners,
My name is Sari Kalin and I joined the Berkeley Community Garden this year as a birder-in-residence. I have been birdwatching daily in the garden and I post everything on the eBird website. If gardeners are interested, I’d like to  organize a bird walk in the garden next month with Doug Lowry.  Doug is an award-winning educator and naturalist at Mass Audubon and also a seasoned gardener. The date and time is still to be determined, based on the level of interest. Please email 
info@... if you're interested in joining a bird walk, and then we will do a poll among those who are interested to help us set the date.
To date I have seen or heard 20 bird species in and near the garden - from the American Robins that are such a welcome sign of spring, to a Wild Turkey spotted in the alley earlier this month. May begins spring migration - so it's likely that several more species will pass through during the coming months. Take a look at the attached PDF - and also visit eBird at - register, and then you can view the Berkeley Community Garden hotspot list ( and add your own bird sightings. If you see any other new birds,  let me know - and say hi if you see me walking around the garden with my binoculars and notebook!



我的名字叫Sari Kalin,我今年以留鸟人身份加入伯克利社区花园。我每天都在花园里观鸟,并将所有内容发布在eBird网站上。如果园丁有兴趣,我希望在下个月与道格·洛瑞(Doug Lowry)一起在花园里组织一次步行观鸟类。道格(Doug)是马斯·奥杜邦(Mass Audubon)屡获殊荣的教育家和博物学家,也是经验丰富的园丁。日期和时间确定视乎有多少人参加。如果您有兴趣参加观鸟活动,请发送电子邮件至info@...,然后我们感兴趣的人进行投票来确定日期。

迄今为止,我已经在花园中或附近看到或听到了20鸟类-欢迎的春天的美国知更鸟, 还有本月初在小巷里发现的野生火鸡。春季尚未开始, 接下来的几个月中可能还会有更多的不同的鸟类。详细资料查看随附的PDF-访问注册. 也可以查看伯克利社区花园热点列表(和添加您自己所鸟类。如果您看到其他新鸟类,请告诉我. 如果您看到我带着双筒望远镜和笔记本在花园里走来走,打个招呼!

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