Gardeners paying with cash--Saturday April 17

Sarah Hutt

To our Chinese gardeners -

The gardeners below have not yet paid and do not have email access.  If you know any of these gardeners or see them in the garden, please remind them to come to the garden at 10AM on Saturday, April 17 during cleanup to pay for their plots, or we will assume they are not returning and they will forfeit their garden.

If you know these people please share this information with them.
Thank you everyone.

A130                   Xiao Bi Chen

A138   Say Mui Mac

A146                   Xiu Qun Li

B105                   Yuk Sheung Lau

B115+116+ C116   Helen Lui

B145                   Li Jiang

B157                   Denh Sauy

B160                   Helen Chan

B171                   Ye Yu Lian

C125+ 126          Amy Li

C136                   Choy Kuen Chan

 C162    Hui Jin Liang

Thank you

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