UPDATE --- Pay Your Dues !!!

Sarah Hutt

Hello all Gardeners

UPDATE on dues
If you are getting this email and haven’t received your emailed invoice please respond to this email.

Collecting dues
Berkeley is fortunate to have a volunteer, Luke, who records the collection of our garden dues.  He also works a full time job.   He collects and records the checks every couple of weeks. If your check doesn’t show up as a withdrawal immediately from your bank account please be patient.
But we do ask, out of consideration that you pay now.

Last day to pay is  FRIDAY, March 19天是319日,星期五

If you have paid with Paypal there is a lag there too.  We need to withdraw the funds from the Paypal account to our bank.  Again, this isn’t being done daily.  Paypal will notify you when the money is withdrawn.

Paying with Cash
Some of our elder Asian members prefer to pay in cash - if you know any of these gardeners please reach out and check on them.  We will collect their cash payments during cleanup weekend April 16 - 17 - 18th, when we have the dumpster.   More details will be posted in the garden.  

Most of these gardeners do not have emails listed so we have reached out to them through the mail.    There is no Annual Renewal meeting /last day to pay this year at Project Place - they are closed for public use.

Planting season
This weekend is the meteorological beginning of spring — so its time to plant your cold weather seeds in the ground - once the snow disappears……..radishes, turnips, spinach, peas are just a few things you can start early.  

Remember we still have RABBITS -- be sure to cover those tender greens.

My next email blast will outline some of the volunteer work we need your help with.  Even though the garden is still restricted by pandemic social distancing there are some tasks that will need attention.  

If you have decided not to return to the garden please recycle and return your gate keys and if you had a garden padlock return those keys too.


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