UPDATE - one last chance to clean out your garden and have the bags hauled away

Sarah Hutt

To all

If you have decided not to return to the garden in 2021 please let us know 
- and make arrangements to return your keys so they can be recycled. 

NOVEMBER 21 - Love Your Block City Cleanup.
Every fall the City sponsors a city cleanup called Love Your Block.  If anyone would like to take this opportunity to clean out the last remnants of their garden this is your change.  

Because this is a City sponsored event you will have to bag your trash and move it to a pickup site along the sidewalk.
Please respond to this email if you are interested otherwise no arrangements will be made to pick up our debris.

Betsy will be picking up and delivering the 300 daffodil bulbs on November 5.
We always encourage folks to add other bulbs to this planting to give us variety of blooms and stretch out the spring planting.
There are obvious areas that have been planted and others that seem to be wild and are generally untended - please plant in those areas.

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Post your pictures:  FACEBOOK/Berkeley Gardens

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