Sarah Hutt

To all

Surprise - Snow!!1

We need folks to set up a Snow Team to do minimal shoveling between visits from The Trustees who use a snow blower.  If you shoveled last year and would like to return let me know.  If you are a new member - join the team - 

Berkeley Garden has an arrangement with the owners of our property, The Trustees to help with snow removal.

The Trustees take care of the bulk of it  using a snowblower to clear Tremont, Ave, E. Berkeley Street, and Shawmut Ave. 

Our job is to keep the sidewalk ramps clear, keep drains along sidewalks open, shovel around trash receptacles - and around the hydrants in larger snowfalls so there is access to them, and spread sand if we have had a thaw during the day to protect the overnight ice from forming.

If you are interested please respond.

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