water and daffodils

Sarah Hutt

To all
Thanks again for working together to fill the cleanup dumpster.  Special thank you to those that helped bring out the tools and then return them at the end of day.
I hope everyone was able to utilize the time to clean their garden.

PLEASE!!!! if you have decided you are not returning next year PLEASE let us know - we need you to return your keys!!!! 

Water is being turned off this week - 

We are again getting daffodil bulbs from Boston Parks for Berkeley Garden.  
If you are interested in buying additional bulb to add to the variety please add them to the daffodils.

They will arrive November 5th

When digging in the ground you may find last years bulbs so dig carefully.
Below are instructions for planting supplied by the Boston Parks Dept.

Take care - let me know if you have any questions

Send pictures when you plant to the Parks Dept: nora.doherty@...

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