Sunday last day to use dumpster

Sarah Hutt

To all
Thank you to everyone that has been so helpful this weekend - and done a great job of cleaning up!!!

Wildlife living in your garden
While cleaning we have found some massive animal holdes and dens -please let me know - Moving around any buckets, wood, or storage sheds that have been undisturbed will help flush them out.  If you find anything please report it so we can safely take care of it.  If its in your Plot its probably also in your neighbors plot.  We will make arragements to gain access to your plot make sure we safely remove any animals that are living in your garden.  

We still need help putting tools away end of today - starting around 4 - 4:30.  I can help but I can not lift the wheelbarrows back into the shed

Today is the last day we will have the dumpster - Please pack the trash in from all sides so we can really fill the dumpster up

COMPOST still available
IF YOU want compost there is still some over in Peters Park to the right of the Tot Lot along the plant boarder towards Bradford Street.

Be sure to keep the gates locked - we had a parade of unmasked people through yesterday shooting videos and all sorts of other things.

Sarah C105

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