Still time for a 2nd fall planting in September

Sarah Hutt

Hi all,
There is still time for you to plant the faster growing greens, radishes, for your 2nd fall harvest as well as onions, garlic for spring harvest.

Here are a few seed companies - there are more - their web sites will give more ideas, planting details and suggestions - I’m not promoting them just offering them as a guide.

If you have any other suggestions please share.

Burpee vegetables:
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company <seeds@...>
Seeds of Italy <seeds@...>

Botanical Interest fall flowers:
White Flower Farm      <>

"Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits."
- Samuel Butler
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Yes, it's September already.

Sometimes we wish summer would last a bit longer, but a frost is still far off and plenty of warm days remain in the garden. Right now, as some crops like tomatoes and peppers ripen to perfection, we can prep our beds for cool-weather plantings of garlic, shallots, and fall bulbs. We can also plant fast-growing greens and radishes and make a plan to use row cover for our winter-edible crops. September is a month of garden transitions; use our handy checklist to prepare for the chillier months to come.

Sow these fast-growing greens and radishes for late fall and early winter eating.

Easter Egg Radish

Crunchy roots that come in pink, purple, and white.

Tokyo Bekana
Harvest for baby leaves or overwinter with protection.

Shanghai Baby Bok Choy
These mini-munchers perk up in the fall and are great for the grill.

Salad Savor Mix
For a salad with substance, try this lettuce-free mix that can be picked while young.

German Giant Radish
Quick growers that are delicious raw or roasted.

A peppery, toothsome green that thrives in cool temps. Use row cover to overwinter.

More Seeds to Sow for Fall >>
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