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Jodi Haley

Thank you Sarah - would vote yes for a dumpster please.  

Along the lines of tomatoes and rats/bunnies... has anyone had issues with ants or flying ants this year?  My tomatoes were decimated by them and I dont ever remember seeing them (or to this extent) in prior years.  Would love advice on how to get rid of them if anyone has it!  


On Mon, Aug 31, 2020, 9:37 AM Sarah Hutt via <> wrote:
To all
I hope have had a good season in the garden

For those of you enjoying a continued harvest

Yes, those are birds eating your tomatoes from the top of plants, squirrels and rats will bite the ones closer to the ground.

PLEASE harvest your tomatoes and all other fruits. Do not leave them to drop from the vine.
 If they get bites take the damaged fruits home.  Do not leave them in the garden or toss them out on the paths or common planting areas they will attract rodents .

While things start to wind down for those planting a 2nd crop remember there are still Rabbits in the garden so protect your small plants.

Both Rabbits and Rats are starting to look for places to create winter dens.  Please keep things from building up around your garden fences.  

If you have been given a Garden Rat Trap  please do not remove.  Ted baits them on a regular basis and they help to discourage the rats from digging dens in the garden.

If you see a rat hole or rats please let us know.  Do not manage them on your own.  It works better if we can treat the area around the Rat dens.

Fall Dumpster
There has been some talk of getting the Fall Dumpster at the end of October.  We would have it for 3 days. Friday - Saturday - Sunday.  But there would be no organized cleanup or potluck.  

What do you think about this?  
Please let me know.

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Thanks all,

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