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James Leighton

Hi Sarah,

I’d be interested. Do you have details regarding day of the week/pickup times?



On Jun 22, 2020, at 4:44 PM, Sarah Hutt via <sarahhutt@...> wrote:

To all

The Trustees who are the owners of our property - and most of the community gardens in the city - are doing a farm share that will be making deliveries at our garden on Tremont Street.

Farm share programs provide a direct link between local farmers and consumers by allowing members to purchase a share of a farmer's crop before it is grown each season. Each week a box filled with whatever is harvested from the garden, potatoes, greens, vegetables, and sometimes other things.

The Trustees would like a Berkeley gardener to volunteer to hand out the 10 share boxes to the South End share members.

They will provide a canopy and folding table to keep the boxes shares off the ground and out of the sun and a list of who is picking up.

Because this pickup will be over the summer - approximately 12 weeks if folks are interested and want to take turns that is fine too.

Because they are asking you to volunteer they will pay you with a share box filled with seasonal vegetables, greens, herbs - whatever they decide that week.  A share box is about a bushel of food.

If anyone is interested please let me know - 
Thank you

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